FAMILY: It’s a…

It’s not like we haven’t made you wait long enough… and before someone hurts me, or worst blocks me socially (that would seriously hurt me to my Instagram core) I give you our gender reveal!  IT’S A GIRL   We are all so very excited, and for as many times as Sofia wished upon a shooting star for a little brudder she has warmed up quite nicely to the idea of being able to share dolls, shopkins and make-up (well that escalated quickly).  We took Sofia with us to the detailed ultrasound a few weeks ago as we felt this would be such a special time the 3 […]

OH BABY! How we told Sofia

Withholding THIS kinda’ news from a 4 year old is tough, but only because I wanted to share in excitement with her so badly. What was actually quite surprising to me was she never once questioned or ever made a comment about my growing belly (which apparently happens quite quickly the second time around). Sofia is very in-tuned to this sorta’ stuff and she recognizes difference in people from hair cuts to make-up changes, new shoes and a change in moods quiet quickly, yet commenting on my weight gain was never something that registered for her and apart of me feels great success in this little oversight.  She went quiet, […]


…we’re expecting   It’s true, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally be sharing the news! It’s been extremely difficult to keep it in, not only because we’re horrible at keeping “these kinds” of secrets, but because this body of mine jumped right into pregnant-lady mode almost instantly and we’ve already started using the hair tie hack on our everyday jeans.  There will be no more hiding it, we can now unleash the belly and let the on-pour of unsolicited know-it-all advice and belly-rubbing begin; because what would a pregnancy be without all of this awkwardness right? Looking forward to doing this baby thing all over again, almost […]