PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 38 (13 days to go)

People! I’m 38 weeks +1 day pregnant! I’ve been growing a baby now for 267 days, I’m 8.8 months pregnant, in my 9th month of this pregnancy… and all I really want is for this baby to be laying in my arms right now! I’m over this whole pregnant belly thing, over answering all the random inappropriate questions at the grocery store with perfect strangers, I’m over it all! Trying to remind myself to enjoy it as this time will be the last time. Last time for feeling baby kicks from the inside, last time I will have this life-size growing belly, and the last time I find myself constantly […]

PREGNANCY: Day in the Life of Gestational Diabetes

…I am beyond determined to manage my Gestational Diabetes with diet and exercise just as I did with my first pregnancy. I will do all I can to ensure insulin intervention is not needed, this is my word! This is how I entered into my appointments with my Gestational Diabetes Team after being diagnosed last month. As hard as it was to swallow the fact that I was again going to be struggling with this diagnosis, I was determined to ensure baby and me were going to be just fine. I did it before, I can do it again right? Well sorta’, if only pregnancy were the same, if […]

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 33 (49 days to go)

5 weeks has passed us and I think a Pregnancy Update is in order, wouldn’t you agree? We’ve had lots of changes in those 4 weeks including a 6lb weight loss, thankfully I am on a close watch with the Dietitians and Gestational Diabetes Doctors and they’ve reassured me baby is still growing at a normal pace and this was just because of the diet change. I am down to seeing them only once a week which is nice, makes it way easier when I am dragging poor Sofia along to the appointments, that and the fact that they’re at the Hospital. I always worry that Sofia will […]

PREGNACY: Making The Most Of Gestational Diabetes

Finding the best in the worst is something I am working on, so why not now? Getting Gestational Diabetes was not the best of news, actually it was quite the opposite, the shits actually if I can be frank, but I must remember that things could be worst. The pitty-party invites have been recycled, no need for postage stamps, last week I sat down and came up with all the good that comes with being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes (yes that’s right the good things!) and I’m dishing them out for you all today.  So to those who have Gestational Diabetes or have been recently diagnosed with it, […]

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 29 (80 days to go)

I dunno? What do you think? Are we due for a pregnancy update yet? It’s only been 12 weeks since the last one! Many many changes, not only in the size of this baby bump. We’re officially not fitting into most of my current wardrobe staples, I was diagnosed officially with Gestational Diabetes (chatted a little about it here) and best of all I’ve finally managed to make good timing in having both Sammy and Sofia feel baby kicks.  The 3rd trimester sleepies are moving their way into my life, but we’re doing pretty good at avoiding mid-day naps. We like to keep ourselves busy most days with crafts, […]

PREGNANCY: Getting The Bad News

You have Gestational Diabetes, a condition in which women who currently don’t living with Diabetes exhibit high blood glucose levels during their pregnancy. It’s caused by improper insulin responses which the body then has high blood sugar levels and registers as being Diabetic.  It hurts. I mean saw it coming, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be extremely disappointed that I’m sitting here once again at this cross-road. To be honest I’m hurt, but also sorta’ doing my best to be over it. I mean I’ve only got 84 days to go, give or take, it’s not going to kill me to follow a strict diet and be a little […]

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 17 (163 days to go)

The first of many updates, why not start at lucky 17, right? Nah it just felt right this week! I’m happy to announce I’m enjoying this pregnancy FAR MORE than I ever did with Sofia, thanks to two little white pills (I know you know what I’m talkin’ about mamas’). I’m tired, like feels like I haven’t slept since Christmas tired, but I will take that any day over being sick, nothing worst than having the pukey feeling 24 hours a day.  This little belly of mine grew quickly as you can see, second time around it’s like it knew what was going on and just took to taking […]