Baby Monitor Bliss

I like to sleep next to her, without having to sleep in her crib.  I like to have my eye on her at any given moment, but also giving her space. …and I can with a video baby monitor.  Why steer away from a brand you love and trust between kids, right? When we were on the hunt for a baby monitor for Stella I did search around to see what was new on the market, but at the end of the day I knew I would end up with a Levana Baby Monitor. We had one with Sofia, we bought ones for our friends who were […]

PREGNANCY: Hospital Bag Checklist

This right here is me tweaking a Hospital Bag in the past that never got a passing grade. I have done this once before and now that I know what to expect (which can also be the unexpected), I’ve finally nailed down what I feel is the Mother-Of-All Hospital Bag lists. Will everyone agree with what I’m bringing and why? Probably not! Will you need everything that I need? Possibly! Might you need more than what I’m packing? Could very well be! But guess what?! This Hospital Bag checklist is a GREAT place to start, removing items you don’t feel pertain to you and adding in personal things […]

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 38 (13 days to go)

People! I’m 38 weeks +1 day pregnant! I’ve been growing a baby now for 267 days, I’m 8.8 months pregnant, in my 9th month of this pregnancy… and all I really want is for this baby to be laying in my arms right now! I’m over this whole pregnant belly thing, over answering all the random inappropriate questions at the grocery store with perfect strangers, I’m over it all! Trying to remind myself to enjoy it as this time will be the last time. Last time for feeling baby kicks from the inside, last time I will have this life-size growing belly, and the last time I find myself constantly […]

PREGNANCY: New Baby Must Have’s

  Depending on what kind of person you’re, this list could be short and sweet or it can be roll-out onto the floor long, for it’s somewhere in the middle. I like to be prepared and ready for all that could come by way, I’d rather be overly stocked on all thing newborn baby than get stuck without in a moment in need. How I justify it is if I don’t need it a friend will. So without further ado, here is what I consider New Baby Must Have Items: 1// You plan on going out with baby don’t you? This Window Shade by Munchkin has got to be in your vehicle at […]

PREGNANCY UPDATE: Week 33 (49 days to go)

5 weeks has passed us and I think a Pregnancy Update is in order, wouldn’t you agree? We’ve had lots of changes in those 4 weeks including a 6lb weight loss, thankfully I am on a close watch with the Dietitians and Gestational Diabetes Doctors and they’ve reassured me baby is still growing at a normal pace and this was just because of the diet change. I am down to seeing them only once a week which is nice, makes it way easier when I am dragging poor Sofia along to the appointments, that and the fact that they’re at the Hospital. I always worry that Sofia will […]

PREGNANCY: Getting The Bad News

You have Gestational Diabetes, a condition in which women who currently don’t living with Diabetes exhibit high blood glucose levels during their pregnancy. It’s caused by improper insulin responses which the body then has high blood sugar levels and registers as being Diabetic.  It hurts. I mean saw it coming, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still be extremely disappointed that I’m sitting here once again at this cross-road. To be honest I’m hurt, but also sorta’ doing my best to be over it. I mean I’ve only got 84 days to go, give or take, it’s not going to kill me to follow a strict diet and be a little […]

Mama Guilt; The Struggle Is Real

Well that didn’t take long, our second baby isn’t even born yet (not even half way through the pregnancy) and the guilt of favoritism on our first born has already sunk in.  My first pregnancy I threw myself into the world of motherhood with zero hesitation. My days were filled with reading inspirational stories about motherhood on Baby Center, educating myself on baby sign language, testing my skills on diciphering baby cries because DAMN-IT I was going to be a natural. I wasn’t naive, I knew big changes were coming and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure I would be prepared. Visions of a Carol Brady patience level, […]

OH BABY! How we told Sofia

Withholding THIS kinda’ news from a 4 year old is tough, but only because I wanted to share in excitement with her so badly. What was actually quite surprising to me was she never once questioned or ever made a comment about my growing belly (which apparently happens quite quickly the second time around). Sofia is very in-tuned to this sorta’ stuff and she recognizes difference in people from hair cuts to make-up changes, new shoes and a change in moods quiet quickly, yet commenting on my weight gain was never something that registered for her and apart of me feels great success in this little oversight.  She went quiet, […]