We’ve done the following in the last 19 days… lived in the great outdoors (travelling via BC Ferries and in a car for 12 hours of travel time), we attended a birthday party, been to 4 art classes, 2 soccer class, 1 playdate, and an infinite amount of park visits, we’ve visited 2 local hot spots packed with kids (Science World and the Vancouver Aquarium), hit the Library 3 times, an indoor play centre (The Great Escape) alongside our normal everyday outings, and guess what, we escaped healthy, with only a few scrapes, bruises, a carpet burn on our elbow. Do you remember, our family is taking the 30-Day Challenge with PURELL, […]

HEALTH: PURELL 30-Day Challenge

The world is not only wild, but it’s dirty… it’s probably why they made PURELL. And I know this is why me and my family are taking the PURELL 30-Day Challenge. Have you heard about it? *leans into your personal space* Well then, let me tell you; We’re taking the PURELL 30-Day Challenge along side Audrey McClelland and Vera Sweeney to encourage all in good hand hygiene practice in hopes to help reduce the spread of illness-causing germs. Plain and simple, the challenge is here to help families stay healthy, and it couldn’t come at a better time with back-to-school just around the corner.   As much as my family […]