FEATURE: The Avion Rockstar Life

Don’t get stuck looking in from the outside, you too can be treated like a Rockstar with Avion! For the past 3 years we’ve enjoyed the luxury of shopping like a Rockstar over the Christmas Holidays. HA! This is not a joke, the only difference between how I shop and Justin Bieber is that he has to stop for autographs (sucker!). When you’re an Avion card holder you get the luxury of many things, but one that I thoroughly enjoy each year, and if you ask Sammy maybe a little too much, is the Avion Holiday Boutique.  Setup in Metropolis at Metrotown, the Avion Holiday Boutique offers […]

FEATURE: Holiday Shopping like a Rockstar

Not sure if you’ve heard but we’ve been holiday shopping within the hustle and bustle they call Coquitlam Centre, and it was everything you didn’t expect! Valet service, coat check, tea, cookies, and free gift wrapping. THIS my friends is called shopping like a rockstar, which I’ve also heard some refer to as shopping like an Avioner. You see, the cool kids are back in town, remember last year when I shared our day-in-the-life-of an Avioner? Lucky me, Sofia and I get to do it again. AVIONERS CAN DO THAT. Valet Parking Coat Check Parcel Check {when you’ve shopped more than you can hold} Gift Wrapping Private Lounge & […]