TRAVEL: Seattle Vacation {with littles}

You know you’re a parent when…. You plan a vacation around going to the Zoo; and this is exactly how our trip to Seattle got started. We’ve been wanting to go to Seattle now for quite sometime, let’s just say for far too long. For one, I had never been to Seattle, driven through sure (quite possibly asleep), but not actually stopped and taken in the city. Sofia of course has never been and Sammy well he’s the best road trip driver ever so he was coming along for the ride whether he wanted to or not.  We knew having heard from others, that the Seattle Zoo, […]

TRAVEL: Seattle, here we come!

I’m 32 years old, lived in Vancouver my whole life and never have I been to Seattle, our super chill american neighbors. Crazy right? I mean I’ve been across the line, but I go as far as I need, Trader Joe’s, Target and the outlets, never to Seattle. It’s a terrible shame really, but that all changes next month, as we’re headed to Seattle for a little family vacation!  This trip has been a long time in the making, Sammy has been trying to plan a trip to Seattle for Sofia and I the past 2 years, things were just not coming together. It wasn’t until this […]