FASHION: You’re the SPRING to my step!

We’ve have 3 solid days of sun and I’m just smitten. This streak of weather has me finally believing mother nature that it’s actually Spring. I hit the closet last night and started to weed out the winter wear {no gardening pun intended} and move in my pastels, florals, and dare I say it…. shorts! If you would ask me what I’m most excited for this Spring, I would gladly sit you down and chat your ear off about my favorite shades of blues and pinks, including my recent obsession with slip-on’s, and of course the ease of making a Spring time kimono. I’ll save you the […]


Spring is nearly here {you wouldn’t think so however if you saw Vancouver right now} and I am feeling inspired everywhere I turn. So today, I shall share 5 things that get me giddy for the warmer season ahead. I do love the snow, probably not as much as Sofia Marie, but I do love the feeling it gives me when I am bundled up indoors, but I am ready for a little sun. Some warm weather and a Popsicle, I’m dying for a Popsicle. 1. a skirt with the twirl factor like this needs to be worn in the sun and ideally on my waist {here:} […]