FAMILY: Stella Grace (month 2)

TWO WHOLE MONTHS has passed since this little person was born and oh my goodness… Today marked a big day! Besides reaching a whole 2 months in age, more importantly she wore her first real outfit (cuffed skinny jeans, the perfect white tee and a cable-knit cardigan)… Oh. Right. and it was her dad’s 39th Birthday — Happy Birthday Sammy!!! I still can’t believe that 2 months has passed and this little girl graced our lives with her presence (and love). Tons of smiles, a boat load of giggles and just as many moments with the quivering bottom lip, crocodile tears and dose of “don’t you dare put me down” tangents. Hey! it […]

FAMILY: Stella Grace (month 1)

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!   The time has flown, because that’s exactly what happens after you have children, time seems to miraculously speed up! This little one is already 4 weeks and changing so much, some good, some… not so good.  She has decided she prefers the sound of her voice in a screaming nature versus a darling giggle or coo (seriously! why do they do this people?). She is more fussy than not and we have unofficially, I think (do you ever really know?), into the PURPLE CRYING phase. Sammy and I do our best to keep our cool and play a joy’s game of pass-the-baby once it […]

FAMILY: Introducing Stella Grace

She’s here! She’s here! She’s really actually here!   We’re all home and in our many-of-different-modes. While I’m happy to be in my own bed, eating from my own fridge, and snuggling with my people, I’m struggling to understand what recovery mode means (c-sections really do put you out ‘eh?!), Sammy is in “do all the things and be a super dad” mode (which he is totally rocking at I may add, the guy gave me a shower the other day!) and Sofia… well she’s just in baby heaven, that and “see how many times I can kiss my baby sister before she starts to cry” mode (she’s […]