GIFT IDEA; tea lover

In most of my travels I make a tea-lovers out of everyone I meet. Someone who doesn’t like tea has merely not tried the right cup in my eyes. Oh! the problems I’ve solved, the woes I’ve overcome and the many broken hearts I’ve mended over a good cup of tea are beyond measurable. Tea is the band-aid for our soul. I’m not addicted to tea, we’re just in a very committed relationship.  This past weekend was my best friends Bridal Shower and I knew that following suit of the guests, buying from the registry was not mandatory for me. I’m her bestie, friends since grade 3, her maid-of-honor, I knew that I could […]

TEA :: oh how I love thee

Something you may not have known about me, I’m a tea lover, and I mean I obsessively drink tea. As in I must have a cup before physically being able to put cohesive sentences together in the morning. As in must top up mid-day with a brew to ensure I make it to dinner without calling for take-out, and I must complete my night with a steaming cup to turn off the brain and fall off asleep soundly. And this my friends is what I mean by obsessively.  Nothing major really, just a girl who loves her camellia sinensis plant. You might think it’s crazy, but I like to call […]