VACATION: Disneyland Reveal

Remember when I told you we were going to Disneyland again? And remember when I told you I had something super fun planned to reveal the family trip to Sofia and her cousin Max? And I’m not sure if I also mentioned to you, but you should also know I have a horrible sense of “drawing the line” and often go overboard in the whole excitement and reveal… And because none of it actually happened unless you document it (am I right?), we have photographic and video evidence that I love watching over and over again but also proves going overboard is “my thing”. DISNEY REVEAL PLAN […]

TRAVEL: Is the Disney Photopass+ worthy of it’s hype?

Yes! Straight up, it’s worth every last penny, the entire 6,995 pennies that it cost ($69.95 if you buy it at least 14 days prior to your visit or $99.95 purchased anytime) it was worthy of, and more. Coming home knowing that I had just over 160 photos of me and my family together inside the park made this girl as happy as a clam. So here is how it works: 1. Buy the photopass+ online here 2. Wait for the package to arrive in the mail (a photopass voucher and a CD with stock images) 3. Register online as per the instructions on the voucher, tuck it […]

TRAVEL: The Best of California Adventure Park

Stepping into California Adventure Park was like walking into a scene from a movie. The last time I was at Disneyland, California Adventure was no such thing. Let that soak in a while (yes it’s been that long)! You can imagine when we got there just how exciting this was for everyone, adults included. A whole other park to play in and soak up, and if I may (don’t curse my name disney-obsessed people) this side of the magical world reigns supreme in shows. From the Frozen Sing-Along to Disney Junior’s Live on Stage, we were all in awe to the standards of their entertainment. California Adventure Park is mesmerizing! […]

TRAVEL: The Best of Disneyland!

The land of magic, the land of love, the land of happy tears, toddler first crushes and of course cotton candy! Disneyland was more than we ever imagined it would be. Not only seeing it ourselves again after a 20+ year hiatus, but seeing it through the eyes of miss Sofia Marie. In awe of everything around us, we took our first moments in the park to just look, soaking absolutely every bit of magic possible. We walked in the gates, and within moments Mickey Mouse walks right in front of us giving us a little wave. SERIOUSLY?! The dream had just been made in all our […]

DAY SIX Disney Relief :: Meet Lindsay

Hi Little Miss Mama’s Friends, I am pleased to meet you all, as you know Tairalyn and her fam-jam are off enjoying the likes of Mickey, Minnie and all the other Disney characters and Princesses, while I am stuck here filling in for her.  KIDDING.  Honestly, it’s an honor to be filling in for her, she is admired by many, including myself and I feel very lucky that she selected little ol’ me to fill in for the day.  So let’s get this party started! Hi I am Lindsay, aka OhSoLindsay, admin assistant by day, television guru by night, with a few life updates along the way!  […]

DAY FIVE Disney Relief :: Meet Tamara

Hello everyone, I’m Tamara, and I’m taking over for Tairalyn… definitely cannot replace that girl, but I am however, more than willing to help her out while she is in the happiest place on Earth. I am Mom to a wonderful, spunky, redhead girl named Evie. I am married to the love of my life, Jason. We are currently expecting our second child, due this October. I was encouraged to start blogging after the birth of my daughter as a way to process all the emotions that come with becoming parents, and to also document everything. You can find my blog over at Discovering Parenthood. It has become […]

DAY FOUR Disney Relief :: Meet Carolyn

Hello, Little Miss Mama friends! I myself happen to be a friend of this lovely blogger you are following and I’m tickled that she wanted to connect us this week! I write over at Moments in Mommyland, a site all about the joys and struggles of life as a Mom. I’m all about the honesty, so what you see is what you get with me all the time – the good, the bad and, well, the comical! I also love to share about what we love as a family, whether that be our favorite vacation destinations, events or products! P.S – Sometimes I have awesome giveaways too, […]

DAY THREE Disney Relief :: Meet Hillary

Hi! I’m Hillary…with two Ls (please). Tairalyn was kind enough to leave me the keys to Little Miss Mama today while she’s enjoying the sun (I promise I won’t eat all the good snacks and leave my dirty wine glass in the sink, buddy!) My blog, Hillary with 2 L’s is a mishmash of life with a threenager (hold me), healthy eats (with some not-so-healthy baked goods thrown in for good measure), and life after cancer. Tairalyn and I met because we were both nominated as a Top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger in 2012. I didn’t actually meet Tairalyn at the party though because I wasn’t there. […]

DAY TWO Disney Relief :: Meet Andria

Hey! It’s Andria from The Cheerio Diaries and I will be filling in for Tairalyn today. I reside in the lower mainland with my husband of 2.5 years, our mischievous little girl, another baby on the way and our two furkids. You can find me over at The Cheerio Diaries where I blog about our life, DIY projects, recipes and my favorite local brands. As I type this I too am soaking up the California sun, while enjoying our family vacation in the land of magic, just as Tairalyn is.   As coincidences would go, it’s not the first that we have had, we actually went to […]

DAY ONE Disney Relief :: Meet Salma

Hi, I’m Salma from The Write Balance. As you may already know, the lovely Tairalyn is on her fabulous family vacation to Disneyland. Yes, I am jealous, but in a totally good way. Today, I’ll be filling in on her blog because I’m just a good friend like that 🙂 The Write Balance is a Parenting & Lifestyle Blog that I started 2.5 years ago as a way to reconnect with my love of writing, share my experiences as parent and connect with other moms. If you visit my blog, you’ll find posts about parenting, food, health and fashion. It’s gone from a small project to a passion […]