DIY: Ice Wand {elsa inspired}

Can you believe that Frozen is still as popular as it is, after all this time? That was a trick question, of course it is, just like all the other amazing Disney flicks that we all know and love. Truthfully, if I look back and try to recall how many times I watched and re-watched Disney’s Cinderella, I’m sure it would be along the same lines of Sofia’s tally of times she’s seen Frozen. It’s just one of those movies that will be a forever classic! You may remember we went to Disney’s Frozen on Ice a few weeks ago and while I knew and was ready to drop […]

DIY Cardboard Box Laundry Set

My bestfriend, Sofia’s Auntie Lindsay knows we love crafts, so when she walked through the front door with not one but two life-size boxes Sofia and I both found ourselves running in circles of excitement. Her for the glue gun and me for supplies and my laptop; Hello Pinterest! We looked at millions of creative and fun options, from castles, to tunnels, to a car, plane and boat, but it’s actually funny how Sofia was head strong on making a Wash Machine as soon as she saw the inspiration in Pinterest. It does make sense though, her most favorite thing to do is play dolls, and with 4 babies […]

CRAFT: Octo-Roll

I may have saved every single toilet paper roll over the course of a year, and I may need to stop thinking of ideas on what to do with them and start actually doing them. So to start this Sunday off right, I give you our ridiculously adorable Octo-roll’s. Thanks to a few empty toilet paper rolls, some paint, glue, yarn, googly eyes and a black marker we put together these little stinkers last week and they’re just too cute for words. They hang on the wall above Sofia’s art station and she nearly giggles every time she seems them. Olly and her find the legs are like a lucrative […]

CRAFT: Mason Jar Pets

Crafts that are as fun to shop for as they are to make are some of my favorites. Combine my love of shopping for my DIY obsession and you have the perfect equation for a day spent with my little one. Sofia and I have a flat of Mason Jars that have been calling our names for months, and last week we had about enough; it was time to get creative. Her and I popped out to our local dollar store and pet supply store and picked up all we needed to make a mason jar pet. We left the house wanting our newest member of the […]

DIY: Somewhere over the Rainbow

THIS is what come from spending 2 hours on Pinterest. A morning consisting of cutting, painting, and gluing, all things that make the absolute perfect start to any toddlers day. As a few of you saw on Instagram, I had a craft table setup for Sofia to discover on Friday morning. It consisted of a paper plate, a few strips of white cardstock, watercolors, glue, a black felt pen, and googly eyes. She woke up Friday and actually never even noticed it, straight to the couch to catch up with her buddies Toopy & Binoo. We got through the catchy intro and into about 5 minutes of the […]

DIY: night time toddler torch

I get it, I get it, this sounds horribly unsafe, but now that you’ve seen it tell me you aren’t in love? This night time toddler torch has made its way into our daily lives, go figure. Every night at about 7pm we turn every single light off in our home and navigate ourselves with only the light from Sofia’s torch through out her bedtime routine. From the living room to the bathroom to brush our teeth and use the toilet, into Sofia’s bedroom to pick out her jammies and bedtime story. She clutches onto the handle the whole time we read her a book and then off it […]

DIY: Coffee Filter Flowers

Although spring is long gone, this doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a nice bouquet of fresh flowers? In most places Fall usually means spending more time indoors anyways, so as it’s done for us, this little DIY will come in handy. Although I’d like to take all the credit for keeping your toddler out of your hair for good hour, I just can’t, our inspiration came from none other than our best blogger buddy Jen, who writes over at Mama. Papa. Bubba, she made these genius coffee filter flowers with her little one, Gracen. Hop on over to Jen’s site and get the step by step, in adorable images, on making […]

DIY: Superhero Playdate {Mama & Me Craft}

Did you see our superhero playdate I posted on our Facebook page earlier this week? We’ve been planning this for quite sometime, ever since Sofia has grown a “thing” for superheros. It was all quite random as we’ve never watched anything superhero related, but I know it came hand in hand with all this imagination play she has been about these days. I love every second of it, her mind wanders in the most magical and creative ways, it really takes me down a notch when I see her playing like this; a great reminder we were all kids once, life doesn’t always have to be so high stress. Sammy […]

DIY Reusable Grocery Bag

A fun, affordable and easy craft I whipped together yesterday morning with Sofia. While out and about last week I saw 2 really durable reusable grocery bags. A big one for me and a mini one for Sofia, snagged then for $2 each and thought they would come in useful one day when we had nothing to do in the morning. Yesterday, was one of these day; our home renovations have officially taken over and we were stuck indoors so that I could help with making decisions. Out came the bags, some foam stickers, puffy paints and sponges. I let Sofia’s mind and excitement take over, and […]

DIY: Pasta Fun for Toddlers

Keeping a toddler busy is no simple task; I am the first to admit. So when I stumbled across a bunch of posts on pinterest for pasta dying and necklace making, I thought to myself… “well this should at least eat up 45 minutes of our day”. So to the cupboard I went, found some pasta we already had on hand that would make for brilliant jewels, and hit up my beading case for the perfect silky ribbon. This is when the fun began! The skies the limit on what you can actually do with dyed pasta, however we chose to make necklaces. First we made it […]