3 Jeans, 10 Days, Choose Wisely

Hi, my name is Tairalyn and I over pack for all vacations! If their were such thing as a OPA (over packers anonymous), no doubt this would be my opening line. The one I would say right before I burst into tears giving my irrational reasoning for packing my entire wardrobe (all 4 seasons of it) for a week long tropical vacation. Over packing is just something I come at naturally, deciding in advance what I will wear each day sounds like torture to me, it’s just something I can’t wrap my mind around, I like the idea of having options. This weekend our family leaves to California for […]

Whistler Traditions {travel + fashion}

Screw Christmas Crackers and New matching pajamas, I’ve managed to make a vacation a holiday tradition in our family…  trust me guys, I’m even baffled by this one.    Sammy and I have been vacationing in Whistler over the Holidays since we first started dating 10yrs ago, ACTUALLY WAIT!  we even went there for our Honeymoon! This folks is why we call Whistler our happy place. We go up as close to Christmas as we can afford (no seriously, that’s the truth!). If we can manage a great rate or snag a Living Social deal early on in the year we go the week before Christmas, if we can’t and we’re hogtied into […]

VACATION: Disneyland Reveal

Remember when I told you we were going to Disneyland again? And remember when I told you I had something super fun planned to reveal the family trip to Sofia and her cousin Max? And I’m not sure if I also mentioned to you, but you should also know I have a horrible sense of “drawing the line” and often go overboard in the whole excitement and reveal… And because none of it actually happened unless you document it (am I right?), we have photographic and video evidence that I love watching over and over again but also proves going overboard is “my thing”. DISNEY REVEAL PLAN […]