TRAVEL: Our Disney Trip Update {purchases}

Half the fun of planning a vacation is searching out and purchasing new things for the trip. You know what I’m talking about, from new clothing to shoes and gimmicky gadgets… it’s what I’m all about, SHOPPING! I have increased our luggage with a bunch of things that I just had to share with you, because what or who would I be if I didn’t share them with you? So here you have the 3 most recent additions to our luggage:   LES TRUCS DE FLO Travel Pillow //Retails $29.33 I love everything about travelling comfortably, and this is why I was on the hunt for the perfect […]

TRAVEL: Our Disney Trip Update!

It’s been almost a month since we announced our exciting travel plans of visiting Mickey Mouse and his entourage. We are just smitten with the thought that their is less than 50 days before we hop on a plane and make our way to the magical land of Disney. Sammy and I are probably more excited than Sofia, not to downplay her daily askings and excitement levels by any means, I just think because we’ve both been once before we know what’s instore and that just can’t be put into words. Even  with the horrible state of our Canadian dollar, we’re looking forward to every little bit of this family trip, including the over […]