So what started off as extra storage under the stairs has beautifully changed into a quaint place I will soon be calling home. Turning the space under the stairs into a den was a no-brainer to me, but it had some convincing of others. Yes the space is small, this I know, but it’s all I need really. A quiet place I can be with my thoughts to produce some honest, fun, and inspirational content from-the-heart for Little Miss Mama. This is where all the magic happens people, where I could easily spend 24 hours of my day but really only get about 3 to 4 all broken […]

Home Renovation Update + Wall Slicks Review

I feel like you’re all waiting on a basement renovation update? Right?! I mean it has almost been 3 weeks; you must be hanging near the edge in excitement and pretty much bitten off all your pretty little nails by now. Sorry to keep you hangin’ like that folks. So our basement renovations has somewhat come to a halt since I last updated you, for a few reasons. ONE our labor is tired; my husband and dad literally work around the clock in getting this place as gorgeous as it is. They both work full-time and then come home and put more hours in with payment as […]