SLEEPOVER AT NANA’S {Wordless Wednesday}

{WORDLESS WEDNESDAY} almost; my dad and brother joined aboard a fishing trip in Tofino planned by my cousins 2 weekends ago… and this is when our GRAND plans started to form. Plans for an EPIC sleepover at Nana’s house while the men were out of town. PLAY was the name of the game, and upon arrival that was clear as day. The jeep was charged and ready for a joyride, pools were filled waiting to be splashed in, water guns anticipating owners, the living room riddled with baby toys and mini cribs setup ready for nap time. The day was as fun as it was delicious, fully loaded nachos for […]

Our Christmas {wordless wednesday}

{WORDLESS WEDNESDAY} almost; Christmas has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go back and reminisce about the disgusting amount of cookies I consumed and Sofia’s faces as she opened her mortgage payment… I mean Hatchimal. YOU GUYS! what a fun Christmas we had. As tradition has it, our family spent the night at my parents where we appetizer-ed out for dinner, opened our Christmas Eve box filled with new jammies, Finding Dori Monopoly and treats galore. We put cookies (the ones I didn’t like), milk and carrots under the Christmas Tree for Santa and wrote him a threatening sweet little letter and slept with our stockings at the foot of our beds. It was […]


{WORDLESS WEDNESDAY} almost; I’ll keep it quick! Our lives are the strangest form of busy these days. Busy doing a whole lotta’ nothing; I either have a baby latched on getting in her many-oh meals a day, or I’m stuck under a sleeping baby and I dare not move a muscle. Tough getting much of anything done, and it’s another reason why I am loving the concept behind Wordless Wednesday. Means I can get some content on the site, gush over some adorable cell phone pictures I’ve been snapping and likely would never have shared and of course I’m getting the feeling of being social with my peeps because gawd knows […]


    {WORDLESS WEDNESDAY} well almost wordless; a cake like this and a face like that can’t go without some explaining. It’s no surprise Lindsay and I like to spoil one another, it’s not very often you find a best-friend that is as close to a twin sister as you’ll get; she literally completes me. This past week I had my birthday and though it was fairly low-key (Sofia caught a bug), we stayed in making the most of our Netflix subscription and had special visits from my mama and nana over the course of 3-days. It wasn’t until this past weekend that I actually got a moment […]


We all know how good I am at keeping it short, if you’ve ever sat down to one of my stories you’ll know. Let’s just say that we will keep things “shorter” than usual with today’s Wordless Wednesday. A few weeks back, Sofia and I had the opportunity to attend (and dine) at The Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. during one of their Mom & Tot DIY Herbal Salves classes with EarthBites. We learnt a lot, I mean a TON, thank goodness for the teacher, Aboriginal Herbalist Lori Snyder who took the time to write everything out for us to take home in note form. We walked out […]

{nearly} Wordless Wednesday

Each year we put up the Christmas lights as a family. Normally speaking Sofia and I don’t last the entire while, but we give it our best until our desire for warm hands and hot chocolate filled bellies take over. I’m excited to say we lasted the entire while alongside Sammy, to his shock I think we were an actual help versus hindrance like in the past; wouldn’t you say Sammy (I know you’re reading this). The entire time we’re putting the lights up Sofia is asking when it’s time she can climb the ladder. It’s one of those things as a kid that just feels exhilarating, […]

{nearly} Wordless Wednesday

Outfit Details// Old Navy Vest (similar), Joe Fresh Sweater (similar), Joe Fresh Jeans (on clearance), Target Boots Wordless is not really my thing, if anyone knows me they know I am far from quiet. I do however love the idea of getting away with a picture heavy post, and this is why we take part in Wordless Wednesday. Ours though, we would prefer to call nearly Wordless Wednesday because yeah, it’s what it is. I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.   -anne of green gables Pumpkin patchin’ with the school is what we got up to last week and boy was it […]

{wordless} Wednesday

We arrived through the gates by 11am and didn’t wave our goodbyes until nearly 9pm. This was the first time for some real fun at our local amusement park (Playland) with Sofia Marie. We went last year but she was still young and rides were still daunting, so this year Sammy and I were really looking forward to our annual visit to PNE. We rode every ride we could and a few of our favorites (like the motorcycle and the super slide) saw our excited faces a few 5 times. We ate all the unhealthy things, mini donuts, cotton candy, perogies, grilled cheese, french fries, fish tacos, and […]

{WORDLESS} Wednesday; Father’s Day Edition

  FATHER’S DAY was all that and more, we woke to showering Sammy with gifts (local honey, his favorite chocolate bars, and a handmade gift from the heart). We then ventured out to the park where my parents had setup shop for the day. Had lunch, played at the park, and headed home for a BBQ dinner. What did you do this past Sunday?

{WORDLESS} Wednesday

//nearly wordless wednesday… it’s been a while since we had a wordless wednesday on ‘le blog’ and no better time than now, when i realize at midnight i still have work to do and the night if far from young. if you follow us via instagram you will have known that we were on vacation this past weekend in whistler. we try and get there 3 or 4 times a year, with one of them being the closest to christmas that we can afford {think disneyland in august, winter is their busy season}. we enjoyed the weekend at the aava hotel as a big ‘ol group of us, […]