{Wordless} Wednesday

//nearly wordless wednesday… these quotes move me. i’ve been feeling a little down and out the past month and i’m finding guidance in inspirational quotes. i know i have what it takes to get myself to a point of optimal health and i will get there, i just have to remind myself that this race i am running solo. i need to enjoy the journey from start to end, not constantly looking ahead and waiting for that number to show up on the scale, maybe i need to take some advise from our old friend turtle, slow and steady wins the race. sharing my weight loss story […]

FIVE THINGS {100 days of dukan}

The five recipes and snacks that have gotten me through 100 days on the dukan diet: 1. a marinade that works on steak, to pork chops and chicken wings, i’m telling you this marinade recipes is a must for anyone on the dukan diet or not. it’s easy to make, only has 5 ingredients that you probably already have on-hand, and it keeps so you can make it in advance  {recipe here} 2. dukan diet boxed vanilla cupcakes; because honestly who has the time to find all the ingredients dukan’ers can have. this box-mix makes it easy, and yummy to have a snack or breakfast on the run. and don’t forget, use […]

Weight Loss Update :: New Routine

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I’ve been bustin’ my ass this week with my new, highly recommended, work out video, Slim in 6. My naturopath mentioned I needed to get my hands on it the moment I started on the Dukan Journey, but because I like to let things sit and stew {hence the 50 lbs I’m looking to loose}, I didn’t end up with a copy in my hands until the end of last week; and boy am I happy it’s here. SLIM IN 6 Website // Facebook // Pinterest // Instagram I started my new routine this past Saturday, and planned […]

Weight Loss Update :: Day 85 {tough times}

Hiccups along the way were expected, I knew I would eventually plateau, it’s always what you hear from others, but I had no idea it would hit me so hard emotionally. Feeling defeated, feeling down, feeling very helpless.  I have successfully lost 2 lbs each week over the last 85 days, give or take a little, however the last 2 weeks for me have me at a complete standstill. I am fluctuating between maintaining my weight or gaining a pound, it’s heartbreaking. Sometimes this happens when someone gets comfortable in a new diet plan and feels they can deviate a little here and there as they are strong […]

My Dukan Diet Secrets

After reaching out on Monday, It has been made clear that you’re all very interested in all the secrets behind what I have been doing to lose all this unwanted weight. I had a total of 50 lbs that I wanted to drop, and as of today that’s down to 23 lbs left to make magically disappear. Make sure you read my story on how this all started, but for those who are already well aware why this journey began, today is an update to that part of the story. Today I share all the little secrets and outlets I’ve learnt along the way; these last 80 days have […]


Day 76. Holy Hannah! You guys, we have come a long way. Just the other day Lindsay and I were talking about how our lives have changed, and in so many more ways than in our appearance. A noticeable change is in our cravings, before we would eat chips and cookies when a craving hit, now we crave juicy watermelon and tart raspberries; craving what we can’t have can be difficult but we know the payoff will be sweet. {I have not taken a “after” selfie for the purpose of this series, but if you are at all curious on how I’m looking these days you can see here, […]

Weight Loss Update :: DAY 66

Day 66. Let’s talk about how it flew by, seriously, 66 days has passed and I haven’t stuffed my face hole with a big ‘ol bowl of rice? Seriously, do they make trophies for moments like these, because if they don’t they really should, and I deserve one! Although it’s difficult at times, to hold out on a late night craving, the reward is far sweeter. My health, my happiness, my smile. The other day I walked past a mirror and actually told myself I was happy. Happy with how I looked at this very moment, and this my friends has not been like this, ever. I’ve always been […]

Weight Loss Update :: Day 59 + DUKAN DELIVERY

Something amazing happened on Monday; something beyond what a everyday Monday could have ever provided. An extra push to succeed, delivered right to my door; a shipment from shopdukandiet.ca! I’m talking cookies, bars, sauces, and even noodles and rice; all things in which we can consume guilt-free on our Dukan Diet Journey! TOLD YOU IT WAS AMAZING!   The package arrived and Lindsay and I squealed; no seriously, we squealed like little school girls. This means so much more to us than just food, it means ease of mind, it means less time in the test kitchen trying to perfect a cupcake that actually resembles a cupcake, […]

RECIPE: Healthy’ish Cheesecake {dukan friendly}

Cheesecake, while on a diet. Wait! What? From one cheesecake lover to another, I give you a cheesecake you can eat minus the guilt. Almost. I wouldn’t suggest you eat it everyday but I would recommend you make a batch and treat yourself this weekend, or the next late night TV session you have planned. So I was on the hunt for something sweet this past week, something that I could savor and enjoy without the lasting guilt of a slice of devils food cake or a krispy cream donut. AND , I found it, a low fat cheesecake that taste like store bought; which we all […]

Weight Loss UPDATE :: Day 52

…I would like to thank my family for always standing behind me, and cheering me on as I ate the 2 slices of bon-bon cake on father’s day. My subconscious that insured me I deserved the additional treats through out the week; and the wonderful woman at the grocery store who gave me a kit-kat “on the house” to congratulate me on the weight loss. DIET UPDATE :: I gained 0.8lbs this week and while I accept this deserved reward, I feel unimpressed with myself and very disappointed. Okay enough with the pitty-party,  it wasn’t all sadness when I went and saw Dr. Natalie today. NOPE. After […]