TARGET CLOSING; why it’s 50% our fault

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THIS. This right here; line-ups reaching the backs of Canadian Target stores on the first day of liquidation. How much do you wanna wager on the fact that I’m sure 95% of these people never shopped Target while it struggled to survive on Canadian soil the entire 2 years it was here. THAT’S what infuriates me, when it needed our support we failed at coming through. I’m not saying it’s all our fault, I’m saying we are part to blame, 50% to blame. Here is my take on why I believe Target Canada failed:

1. THEIR FAULT // they flooded the market at 133 stores across canada; although i would’ve been so sad for them to skip my city, god knows I would’ve traveled 20+ minutes to get my weekly fix.
2. OUR FAULT // we expected prices to be similar to that of it’s sister store across the line. come’on people, do you really think large corporations get a special pass to bring product across the line? of course it’s going to cost more, remember how much it’s saving us, money and time, from crossing a boarder to get to one.
3. OUR FAULT // we expected the same products as we saw and loved in the united states. as much as spray-cheese sounds so beyond delicious we have standards here in canada that are quite different than across the line, this is not news, we knew this. so why are we so displeased with the grocery selection people, i for one am glad we only got what we did.
4. THEIR FAULT // the shelves were almost always bare. not sure who dropped the ball or why the employees at target spent their time dusting empty shelves but you can’t expect people to switch their everyday shopping to your aisles if they can’t count on stalk.

Honestly, I’m crushed that Target has been forced out of our country. This means many of us will have to go back to our old ways of crossing the line to get our bullseye spray-cheese fix. I shopped Target at least once a week, for everyday necessities and items that sheepishly put me in the red each and every month; I’m proud to say we were a Target family.

Goodbye Beaver Canoe, my casual days will forever miss you.
Goodbye, Fashion Collabs, my fancy taste will weep without you.
Goodbye The One Spot, my local dollar store will thank you dearly.

DON’T GET ME WRONG I’m not here to point fingers at those who never shopped Target, their were many die-hard Target fans, like myself, who supported them through thick and bare-shelves; but it just wasn’t enough. I’ll see you all in the border line-ups come Summer *sad face*


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