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FACT; I drink black tea 97.82% of the time, and as the statistic shows, I don’t venture out into the world of White, Green, Oolong, Pu’erh, Mate, Rooibos, or Herbal teas all that often. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I dislike other teas, I just depend a lot on it and can’t justify switching it up and getting a bad cup in the midst of a wild day that requires me to steam ahead. You know what I mean?


Hey! I got a secret for you; did you know that I used to write a blog before Little Miss Mama that had NOTHING to do with my life and everything to do with tea? Delicious right? Those where the days that I was jacked up on caffeine more than the Kardashians were there egos (who needs sleep anyways). I would review and share my experience sampling tea’s from all over the world. It was my ease into the grand but lovely world of blogging; I have tea to thank for everything I’ve accomplished to date. That’s pretty amazing actually! Huh. I should really thank my tea more often.

It’s apparent I owed it to the world of tea to broaden my horizons and get back into sipping for the taste and not just the energy boost it provides me. And here we are today, sipping on a Green Tea, Honeycrisp Apple Green Tea, and let’s just say I’m feeling a little disappointed I waited this long to venture back out into this lovely world of “teas other than Creamy Earl Grey“.



Name: Honeycrisp Apple
Company: DAVIDsTEA
Type: Green


Tea Accompaniments: Null
Leave Rating: 4.0
Liquor Color: a playful peach hue, with strong undertones of red and orange
Aroma: sweet, bold and strong hits of apple and pear, dessert-like
Taste: crisp, refreshing, sweet, soft, fruity


While the tea steeped the aroma of apples, pears and floral notes filled the kitchen, it was exactly what I had needed having just got mobile from a 5 hour stint in front of the laptop. I knew this tea would need little to no sweetners based on the aroma alone and absolutely no dairy accompaniments. I gave this tea a 4 out of 5 as it was beyond delicious, a perfect way to finish off a dinner or diffuse a craving for something sugary mid-afternoon. Beautiful, aromatic and delicious, I will defiantly be buying DAVIDsTEA Honeycrisp Apple Green Tea again.


Disclosure:: We did receive product to compile our post, however the opinions are completely my own.

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