TEA :: oh how I love thee


Something you may not have known about me, I’m a tea lover, and I mean I obsessively drink tea. As in I must have a cup before physically being able to put cohesive sentences together in the morning. As in must top up mid-day with a brew to ensure I make it to dinner without calling for take-out, and I must complete my night with a steaming cup to turn off the brain and fall off asleep soundly. And this my friends is what I mean by obsessively.  Nothing major really, just a girl who loves her camellia sinensis plant.

You might think it’s crazy, but I like to call it magical. Let me clraify, I don’t drink coffee {never have and never will}, I only drink soda I’ve made {thank you sodastream}, and as for any sort of alcoholic beverage, no thanks I’ll pass {not even wine}. Can we all agree that my obssessive tea sipping os sorta the lesser or evils?

First things first Im’a realist  {sorry, my love for this song runs deep}, I am a black tea sipper all the way. It’s most all I sip, unless I am feeling adventurous, which is pretty much never, I lie, seasonally I take a trip. Testing out the new brews that these fan-tab-ulous companies like DAVIDsTEA come up with to tickle our holiday taste buds. Come Christmas you’ll find me sipping on nearly any tea that has hidden elements of gingerbread, cloves, or peppermint, or better yet come Halloween, stop by for a steeped cup of anything pumpkin flavored. Seriously though, most all my sipping is done with a black tea base, so the two that I share with you today are exactly that, green tea lovers, sorry but this is your stop, off the bus you go!

DAVIDsTEA :: Organic Cream of Earl Grey {buy here}


It’s the tea that I reach for 9 times out of 10. It’s a brew that I know I will enjoy and will take me away to my happy place. Before my Dukan days I would sweeten it with regular sugar, a teaspoon or two, depending on how much sleep I go the night prior, and a splash of 2% milk; these days however I color with skim milk and sweeten with some splenda or sugar-twin. Not the ideal but it’s better than nothing. Cream of Earl Grey is my man, he is smooth, sweet, and floral; oh how I love Earl!

DAVIDsTEA :: Glitter & Gold {buy here}


Recently introduced to me by none other than Oh So Lindsay, brought me over a bag the last time she visited. Hook, line, and sinker this ones a keeper, it has gold and silver sugar balls that float away in your cup; I mean how could I say no to at least trying it. Seriously, I’m obsessed with this royal tea that not only leaves a ring of glitter in my cup, but the warm and cozy cinnamon flavor is leaves in my tummy. And after proclaiming it for all to see over the weekend, Glitter & Gold and I have officially changed our facebook statuses from “it’s complicated” to “dating”.

TELL ME :: what get’s you going each morning? 



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  1. That Earl Grey is my all time favorite. I’ve switched full time from espresso to a cup of Earl in the morning. Love mine with honey and a splash of coconut milk. Yum. I will have to try the other one, but probably won’t 😉 since I am such a bergamot lover.

    • Tairalyn says:

      Please say you’ll try it at least… you don’t have to buy a whole bunch but at least go in and order a cup! I bet you’ll LOVE it…

  2. If you haven’t tried the Chocolate Macaroon tea from Davids tea – do so now 🙂 I cannot get enough!

  3. Mmm, you got me wanting some of that cream of earl grey! Tea emotes such warmth and charm – I think I’ll go fix myself a cup now. 😉

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