The 5 Minute TeePee

I was inspired, and Sofia Marie reaped all the benefits. I’ve seen these adorable teepee’s around online, on pinterest, other websites, and even on ebay to buy. However it wasn’t until I saw my girl Jen, from Mama. Papa. Bubba., do her take on the fabulous outdoor tent, that had me really inspired. All the ones I had seen before looked very daunting and although I like a good challenge, I feared I would fail, and when it comes to anything for Sofia Marie I always want it to be perfect. 

This outdoor teepee can be made in 5 minutes, and seriously that’s no word of a lie. I put this bad boy up in 4 minutes flat. Although Jen suggests you use a simple bamboo stick for the skeleton of the teepee, I decided I wanted mine mansion size. Failing at finding a large enough bamboo stick to fill me desires, I sent my hubby out to the hardware store to buy six 1×1’s. The moment he got home with my wooden beauties I stacked out the perfect spot for it in our backyard. Setting everything up in a snap, binding them with twine, I threw over our sheet and tucked it around the front two posts.Made a cozy floor, added some pillows and here we lay, most afternoons, reading, playing, and making memories. 

As I failed to take pictures of every step of the way, I encourage you to pop over to Mama. Papa. Bubba. and check out her tutorial there. She is pretty much a genius when it comes to toddler food and play. So feel free to mozy around and see what else she has up her sleeve for toddler fun!

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  1. Wow, very cool way to make a quick teepee. I like how big it is.

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