The Ankle Strap Obsession

You are all well aware I have a minor obsession with strappy shoes at the moment. You’d think my wardrobe would be full of them. Probably even pushing the closet doors open. But in fact no, I do not even own one pair. Getting closer however; tried a pair on yesterday, however at a size too small, they definitely were not “the ones“. I have been hesitant on buying a shoe with an ankle strap for obvious reasons. My leg line isn’t all that lengthy to begin with, as I am 5’5”, and strap around my ankles may actually make my leg look thicker and shorter. YIKES! So this is why I need to try them on, for size; this is not an easy task with all these incredible deals I am finding online. I hit GOjane and seemed to have hit the strappy sandal/ankle strap jackpot. And I thought my “Sandal Swoon” post, with 5 Sandals under $50 was impressive. Darn you GOjane. Darn you! 

Are you falling hard for the Ankle Strap like I have? Better yet have any of you bought shoes {and clothes for that matter} from GOjane, and been extremely pleased when they arrived?



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