The Best Dresses for Curves

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No curvy girl can ever again say they “can’t do” dresses. Why? Because I have covered pretty much every style in just 5 simple dress trends. I am pretty sure one of these styles, one way or another, will fit your taste in fashion. And here I go in explaining why.
From the Peplum, flattering any of those conscious of your hips or tummy, the tribal bodycon midi, for those bold enough to bare it all, the skater, for those that would prefer high tops to high heels, the shift, for those classy characters, and the swing, for those who want comfort and chic to come together flawlessly. 
I have said it many many times, the peplum is one of those trends that never dissapoints. So on trend right now, curvy woman rejoice, it’s going no where anytime soon. Go bold or go home, the tribal trend is becoming more and more a thing these days. A bold pattern like this can deceive the eye into not focusing on one particular area. In this case I would go chunky with my jewels and wear a killer heel. Drawing the eyes attention to these beauties. The skater dress is one that pretty much anyone can wear, casually and dressed up. Coming in only at the waist and draping away from the body in an a-line form. It’s a win win. Keep in mind yours doesn’t need to bare a cat face, just thought I would throw that one in there for those animal lovers. The Shift Dress goes back to the 60’s, when fashion icon, Jacqueline Kennedy, wife of 35th president John F. Kennedy, made them the trend that represented class. Now sometimes referred to as the “Jackie O” dress, a shift dress hugs very softly at the waist with loads of structure to the rest of the dress. Always a classy choice for us curvy girls. Finally the swing dress; the dress that can easily add 10lbs, but can also remove 20lb if done right. Lovelies if you are going with a swing dress find one that hugs at the bust line and a little below, then continuing to flow out, ideally worn on the shorter side. This will ensure a shape is given and your legs will look long for days. 
What is your favorite Dress out of my 5 Curvy Girl Dresses that Flatter?

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