The Chrysalis Cardi


Your new BFF. No seriously, tell me what friend can act of 8 people? It’s what I thought. The Chrysalis Cardi acts as not only a cardigan, but a scarf, and a tunic, a dress, and cape. Amazing right? Well, when I had the opportunity to try one of these babies out boy was I ever happy I accepted. Takes a wee bit to get the hang of how to morph it into it’s next life, but when you get it together, it’s literally like magic. Sammy actually thinks it’s something David Blaine should consider taking on the road.


Encircled is a Canadian designed and Canadian made product *hip-hip-horray*. With the owner and designer Kristi being at the heart of it all; she created the Chrysalis Cardi with her own personal needs in mind, that eventually grew into far more. With the Chysalis Cardi she believes she can help others be mindful of their fashion consumption and in-turn minimize our impact on the environment. Read more about Kristi’s story on her site.

The Chrysalis Cardi is a garment that you can change into many different outfits, styles and accessories. Hello! A travellers bestfriend! It has been designed to morph into many garments; the cocoon cardigan, the big loop scarf, the double loop scarf, the triple loop scarf, the grecian tunic, the one-shoulder dress, the x-back halter and the cape. Check out here their lookbook video, seeing just how easy it goes from one look to the next.

Here are 4 of my favorite ways you can wear the Chrysalis Cardi, in no particular order.

encircledLOOK3 encircledLOOK1 encircledLOOK2

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Now let’s be honest here, on any quality garment that you purchase online, you naturally second guess yourself due to the value. If you could feel, hold and try on the Chrysalis Cardi before buying it, honestly it would be a no-brainer, the quality, the fabric, it’s ridiculously incredible. It’s unlike making a purchase at stores like Forever 21 and Old Navy, these shopping sprees are normally painless and lack much thought {find – add to cart – purchase – end of story}. Encircled knows this, and this is what I love most about their site. Their is a section called cost per wear and it allows you to multiply how many ways you see yourself wearing the Chrysalis Cardi, based on your own style, how often a month you foresee wearing it and for how long you plan on keeping it in the mix of your own wardrobe. It then calculates your cost per wear; making a fashionable decisions a sinch.

It’s actually quite fun, go try it! My cost per wear was $0.29, tell me what yours is!?

For yourself, or as a gracious Christmas gift for a fashion lover in your life, Encircle’s Chrysalis Cardi is the perfect piece. Really looking forward to styling it over the holidays and with these cold Canadian winter months ahead, no doubt will it be my go-to-daily-scarf; which will end up bringing my cost per wear into PAYING ME to wear it. No but seriously, all jokes aside, I see wearing it as a cape with a lot of my Christmas ensembles, pairing quite flawlessly with my Leopard Dress that I most recently styled for one of my “go-to” holiday looks. I foresee a lot of Chrysalis in my life.

What do you think about the Chrysalis Cardi? How many ways would you wear it?


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  1. Tairalyn,

    Thanks for the beautiful review of our Chrysalis Cardi. The cobalt colour looks absolutely GORGEOUS on you!

    With gratitude,
    Kristi, Chief Fashionpreneur

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