The Easiest DIY Fashion Accessories

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If you’re accessory collection could do with an update but you don’t have the budget, here are some brilliant and easy DIY fashion accessory ideas to try! Now you can create your own stylish statement accessories without breaking the bank:

Friendship bracelets

Remember the days where you had nothing better to do than sit and make daisy chains and friendship bracelets under the sun? Just because you’re no longer in the playground doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy simple crafts you loved when you were a girl. Friendship bracelets are on trend, and not just for kids. All you need is coloured cotton and a little bit of patience as you get back into the flow of the simple braiding process. If you want to give your friendship bracelets an edgy touch, try the addition of studs and diamante which provide a more glamorous take on this playful classic.

Personalized fabric shopper

If you’re at all eco-conscious, you probably own a fabric shopper or two. Tote bags make carrying your shopping easy, and mean you don’t have to store up hundreds of horrible plastic carriers that will end up in landfill. Tote shoppers come in various sizes and styles, from sturdy leather to plain cotton. When you want a bit of personality to your plain cotton tote, there are several easy ways to do so! Play around with fabric paint to add your own witty slogans, use templates to make pretty patterns or opt for quirky embellishment with buttons and beads.

Neon satchel

Another school-days item, the satchel is very popular right now. The neon satchel in particular is huge! Bright coloured leathered bags can be pricey due to their current high demand, but if you happen to own an old-school brown or beige option you’ve got the chance to bring it up to trend with little fuss. All you need is a can of fluorescent spray paint and a little masking tape to cover up any buckles or buttons you don’t want shading.

Glitter heels

Have your favourite clubbing heels seen better days? Now is the time to give them a fresh look! Glitter heels are fabulous for a glitzy night out and so easy to create yourself. Take an old pair of shoes and begin painting with a thin layer of PVA glue (or similar) – it’s easiest to glue and glitter in sections. Then, gently scatter glitter over the glued area and shake off any excess. When you’ve completely covered your shoes, go back over and make any touch-ups with more glue and glitter where needed; it’s that easy.

DIY headbands

Creating fun and unique headbands is another DIY project; all you need is an assortment of ribbons and fabric trims, thick hair elastics and a needle and thread. Cut the hair elastics, to form one length of elastic rather than a loop, and then stitch either end of the hair elastics to either end of a length of fabric of your choice. Don’t forget to measure the fabric trim to go almost completely around your head, the elastic extension will allow for it to stretch and fit snuggly.

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