The Magic of Nature’s Care {Miracle-Gro}

We’re no strangers to getting dirty in this house, we’ve been playing in the dirt and caring for our own garden religiously for the last 4 years, and with each passing year Sofia gets more involved, and exponentially dirtier. 

With how long and drawn out our Winter was this year we were unable to start the garden outside when we normally do, YOU GUYS we still had a massive amount of snow on the ground at the end of February! It was far too cold outside to start our little seedlings, poor things would’ve never made it. This year, for the first time, we started our seeds inside. Using cleaned out eggshells and carefully chosen soil and plant food, Sofia and I did everything we could to ensure these little seedlings got the best possible chance of success. 

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We babied these little seedlings for the 3 weeks we had them indoors under our intensive care, transferring them outside when we knew the Vancouver cold snap was over. It was a bit bitter sweet letting go of our morning routine, checking in on them, making small talk about the weather and misting them with fresh water, but now seeing them all thriving in our garden beds out back, Sofia and I couldn’t be prouder.  

Don’t leave so soon, scroll to the bottom to get a garden tour from none other than Farmer Sofia, trust me, you won’t wan’t to miss it!

If you’re looking at starting your own garden, LET ME EXPLAIN what we chose to use and why we did what we did. My biggest concern was success, as when gardening with littles, my experience is the attachment they can grow to these little plants, I wanted at all costs to avoid major tears; and here is how I didit;

We started off our little egg shells with a brilliant quality gardening soil; as we knew we would be transferring them into a raised garden bed we used none other than Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care Organic Raised Bed Soil. First we collected and cleaned up our eggshells, finishing off with pocking a wee little hole directly in the bottom of each. Doing this solely for drainage purposes, drowning your plants is totally a thing and it happens all the time, we did not want this to be the reason behind a failed seedling growth. We then filled each little eggshell with soil using a kitchen spoon, filling them about 3/4 of the way. Sprinkled our seedlings in and then topped the eggs off with more soil. We misted them all a good helping of H2O for their first watering and then we found a lovely home for them in a window sill. This is where they would reside for the next 3 weeks. 




Once our seedlings were well on their way to adult veggie life, maturing and getting far too big for their little eggshell homes, we set a date to transfer them into the garden beds outside. Once they were placed in their new homes we gave them a good feeding of Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care Organic & Natural Vegetable, Fruit & Flower Food and of course a watering. It’s actually pretty rad, the food is derived from feather meal, fish meal, blood meal, wheat middlings, meat and bone meal, sulfate of potash, and calcium carbonate. I mean I wouldn’t be asking for this the next time I headed out for dinner, but I bet if I was a Strawberry this would make me salivate. The other cool fact about Miracle-Gro Nature’s Care Vegetable Food is that it feeds our little fruits and veggies up to 2 months, can you imagine only having to feed your children every 60 days? Talk about making it easy for us! Caring for a garden, especially when they make it so easy can be so rewarding!


GARDEN TOUR  you ask…. well of course, we thought you’d never ask! 



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Disclosure :: This post is sponsored by The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, however all opinions are my own, based on my experience. As you can clearly see we not only love the products Scotts makes but so do our plants. 


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