THE ONLY Hair Routine {for curls}


It’s been 2 months since I made a major change in my hair routine and the once curly-haired-game I played is over, this new routine is a life changer. Let me break it down for you, it’s actually really quite simple:

1. remove all shampoos from not only your bathtub ledge, but your vocab; that’s right stop talking about them
2. use only plant derived cleansers and conditioners {sulfate and paraben free}; i chose live clean professionals
3. use a chemical and alcohol-free gel diluted with water; i chose fantasia’s hair polishing styling gel
4. remove all hair brushing apparatuses, god gave you hands, so use ’em
5. stop drying your hair with a bath towel, from now on use old cotton tee’s
6. get fancy, change that pillowcase from cotton to silk

IMG_9988-1 IMG_9983-1

BESIDES the fact that I need a hair cut and color, and that we are sans-makeup for this little shoot, what we’re really admiring here is the curl, the texture, the lack of frizz, this my friends is how you win at the games of curls. I always thought that your hair needed a good shampoo to clear itself from all the natural oil build-up, WRONG. I also though that curly hair had to be brushed out every 48 hours to avoid a rats-nest or knots, WRONG AGAIN. And because I’m on a roll here, I thought gel would leave a horrible glistening gel helmet when I used it, WRONG ONCE AGAIN. Here is how we tackle Sunday/Wednesday/Friday “hair-days” at my house:

1. wash. i start off with taylor swifts “blank spaces” set to repeat on youtube, and then we hop in the shower and make the real magic happen. i dampen my hair by letting the water run through it without actually touching it with my hands, just letting the shower head do the work. taking my live clean professionals conditioner, i run a line of it along the tops of my finger tips and press both hands together, sharing it between the two. i then work at my roots and softly scrub my scalp with the conditioner, removing build up. i do this all over my head being very careful to only scrub the scalp and not break apart any curl formations at the root.

2. rinse. with my head under the shower, i let the water run through and remove all the conditioner. using my finger tips again, i softly rub my head to help along the process, again paying close attention not to frustrate {and frizz up} my curls at the roots.

3. feed. i now get a good amount of the live clean professionals conditioner again, but this time in the palms of my hands and smooth it over my entire head of hair. i section it in half down the middle of my head, and slowly work my way running my fingers through starting at the bottom, working out any knots along the way. this part usually takes the longest about 2 or 3 minutes but take your time as this is most important. keeping the curl formation as much as possible while still removing knots it what we are obtaining to do here.

4. form. you now want to crunch, scrunch, and squeeze the hair, however you wanna say it. this is to encourage the curls that you may have broken apart, encouraging them to regroup naturally. cup the hair with you hands from the bottom and squeeze it in an upward motion to the root. do this all over the head until you feel all the curls have come together, made nice again, and are happy.

5. splash. whatever you do, do not wash the conditioner out. as you know curly hair is dry, and with dryness comes frizz, and with frizz comes ugly tears, and with ugly tears comes lost friendships and large investments in cute hats. so save your mascara, your friends, and your money, and don’t wash the conditioner out. instead splash it out; i use a bath toy that sofia has stored away in the tub, a playful, happy faced measuring cup, i fill it to the top with warm water and with my head hanging down i shake the cup so that water literally splashes out and onto the curls. that’s it.

6. dry. still with my head hanging in the downwards position, using the same motion as you did to form your curls, wrap your cotton tee around your head and scrunch the hair in and upwards motion to soak up any access water. doing this all the way to the roots. pay close attention not to rub or twist as this will create frizz,  you are only to gently scrunch up.

7. finish. as it stands it will still be a tad bit damp, take a spray bottle mixed with one-part gel and water, spray all over and scrunch up to set and finish the curls. let the hair air dry and whatever you do, do not blow dry, like ever. unless your entire purpose in life is to ruin a perfectly good curl; that’s what i thought, put down the blow dryer.

At this point, you’re done, until of course it completely dries, which you know won’t take long. Once dry you can softy scrunch for a final time to break the shell the gel has formed, if any, leaving a soft gorgeous healthy curl. I literally could’nt stop touching my hair the first time trying this routine, my curls has never been so definite and frizz-less. they were just like those gorgeous fake curls you see on TV.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much this has changed my hair game. Urg, when your hair is cooperating, life just seems to always be playing your favorite song.


I know seven steps may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t, the total time it takes me to push start on Taylor Swifts Blank Spaces, to the time I finish with my watered down gel spray is about 15 to 20 minutes. That’s nothing for curly haired peeps, nothing I tell you. Try it out, tell me what you think, and thank me in selfies posted on Instagram with #LittleMissMamasHairRoutineSavedMyLife

//this post was in no way sponsored by live clean, i simply found a product that rocks and had to share

//#LittleMissMamasHairRoutineSavedMyLife #CurlyHairProblems #LiveClean #LiveCleanProfessionals


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