The Wedge… Loves Everyone!

I’ll put money on it that each and everyone of you will at least own one pair of Wedge Boots this Winter Season. Why – because they are hot, cute and sexy all at the same time, why wouldn’t you buy them? The nice thing about shoes is anyone can wear them they will compliment us all…. unlike the Harlem Pant or the dreaded Bubble Hem.  I am officially obsessed with the Wedge.

Untitled #13

Betsey Johnson high heel boots
$170 –

Senso wedge bootie
$165 –

Betsey Johnson high heel boots
$170 –

Zara wedge bootie
$50 –

Jeffrey Campbell wedge boots
£120 –

Aldo shoes
$120 –

Wedge bootie
$120 –


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