Real life isn’t pretty, it’s beautiful. 

Other than our own, real life moments is something we don’t often get to see online. With Instagram and Facebook playing such a heavy hand in our social lives these days, intentional or not what makes the cut onto our Instagram feeds are usually all things perfect and pretty. The freshly baked cookies that sit counter-top in your unrealistically sparkling kitchen with the hashtag #housewife, or the perfectly primped living room that’s been plucked from the pages of Pottery Barn, clearly unlived in tagged #happyhome (how happy was this home getting it to this point), or my favorite yet is that calm lovely picture of your child quietly crafting at the kitchen table with lidless bottles of glitter, containers of open beads and white glue tagged with #independentplay (I highly doubt hovering over your child as they sprinkle glitter is called independent; but if you don’t have photo evidence it didn’t happen right?).

My intention is not to point fingers because clearly if it were I would have it awkwardly pointed in my own face (just for a moment, picture that will you; it made me laugh). What I’m saying is we’re all guilty of this, I am, you are, the world is, we all want to share the pretty in our lives, but lest we forget that real is beautiful too. 

My fear is the more we find beauty in the posed and perfect the less happy we are with the raw and real

Could you image how much time we would save taking and posting the 1st selfie we took… UNFILTERED? I have no doubt I could easily add an hour or two to my life each week if I were happy with the first shot I took. I’m not though and as a society we’re not, because we’re constantly trying to keep up to the Jonses. Living up to an unrealistic image of how we want others to view our lives.

This sounds crazy because it is…

Let’s all stop thinking the imperfect isn’t good enough, because it is, I think pumping the breaks on a future of children filtering the beauty out of their lives is one of the best ideas I’ve had in a while. #reallifemovement


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