To Class…or not to Class? That is my question…

I am 27 weeks {6.5 months} and am class-less. I don’t mean Paris Hilton class-less but I mean non-educated when it comes to Prenatal Classes goes. I have chosen this route without even thinking however internally, on purpose. I feel I work best going into a lot of situation blind, lack of detailed knowledge provides me an ease of mind pre-event and also a sense of “just get it done” when the time comes. 

Now I don’t know if this is the best route for all, but I feel confident that what ever comes my way on d-day I will no doubt “push” through it as the strong women I am. I won’t lie, I’m sure their will be many hours of wondering if I can and second guessing myself – however I think this is fairly common in all women. We know deep down we can and will do it – but the road up to that point can be far from willing. 

I went for High Tea yesterday with my cousin who is, as of today, 3 days over-due, to catch up, introduce out baby girls to one another before their BIG DEBUT and connect on a Mama level. It was just fabulous, I enjoyed so much connecting, not only with family but with a Mama who was/has/is going through a lot of physical and emotional trying days as I. Its nice to know your not the only one sometimes. What did come up was a Breastfeeding Class that she had taken…and she said how helpful it was. Up to date I had “poo-pooped” any class ideas until then. I wanted to go to a Breastfeeding Class, and I’ve decided wanted to do it last week. 

Within my hunt to find a class, all I got was Prenatal Classes that INCLUDED an instruction on Breastfeeding, which was not really what I was after. I don’t want to know about the hours of pain, the tearing, the screaming, the yelling to the stitches – all I wanna know is the tips and tricks to helping baby latch. That’s all I ask!

My hunt continues strong, just as much as my desire to avoiding watching hours of pregnancy videos…. I am sticking to my guns and if I have to go to the hospital and step in when a nurse teaches a new mother how to feed, then I will!!!

Has anyone else chosen to forego the prenatal classes? Or am I the only one?



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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoy reading your posts. As a mom of 2, it reminds me of my journey. Always an exciting time.
    I actually am like you in that I didn’t want to know much b/c A)half of it doesn’t end up applying to you and B)I too work better with a I will deal with it when it happens attitude. I just wanted to know how my baby was developing and what are signs that something might be up.
    My husband and I did do prenatal and I thought it had nothing useful but it was nice to do something that made hubby feel like he was a part of it. As for the breastfeeding, they will help you in the hospital. It may take a few weeks to become a pro, but if that’s what you decide to do it will come eventually.
    Although the name of the method has eluded me, if I could do a natural labour(I’ve had 2 c sections) I would take the class where it teaches the husband how to help in the delivery room. That way they don’t go in blind, they feel useful and it is something nice to do together to “prepare” for the arrival of the wee one.
    Gosh, I am a rambler, did this have anything to do with your post:)?

  2. This was beyond helpful …. Anonymous! Sorry wish I could be a little more personal.

    I was hoping I would get a comment with someone that has a similar situation as mine and not a commenter giving my shit for being a wussy and not wanting to watch the hours of labor videos I hear they show.

    I dont do well with negative comments – I do take them – but I cry a lot these days so its probably not the best thing for a first comment to be about.

    I will talk with my husband about what you had suggested and see if he feels the need… thats a very good suggestion on your part – thank you. These days a think a whole lot about me and baby and less about Sammy – poor guy!



  3. hey mama! Lauren from me and mine here 🙂 I didnt take ANY classes with my first and it was a great choice for me. I had baby sat and nannied for years- I knew how change diapers, rock, feed, and bathe a baby and I didnt need to pay hundreds to practice on a doll. All the nurses at my hospital in L&D are lactation certified so I looked at it like free classes 😉 I was there for 4 days with my c section and picked their brains. I was able to practice on my real boobs with my real child and I felt that was better than any class with a doll too! They were so amazingly helpful and I was so determined to make it work and it did. Look into that at your hospital- if the nurses arent certified they will at least have lactation consultants around to talk to. And its FREE!
    I am now wondering about birth classes though, with a scheduled c section that I knew about early on I didnt have to worry about it, I got to just lay there. I hope to have a VBAC this time and I wonder if I would benefit from something- but then I read blogs about child birth and how they coped, watch youtube videos, read books, GOOGLE.. there is so much out there to educate yourself out of a class and I am more with you on the fact that I will just know what to do when the time comes and you can only be so prepared. The baby does what they baby does and you have to just roll with it! I probably wont end up taking any classes this time around either so you are not alone in your choice if thats what you decide!

  4. Thank You Lauren!
    I am loving these comments – not only am I feeling relieved but my nausea who has decided to show face again starting today is beginning to feel a little less bothersum! I take it some came from the fact that I was nervous about this post!

    I love that I am not the only one that works best on a blind eye or brain and it just sulitifies the fact that I will stick to my guns, not take a class to freak me out and just go with the flow. I do believe {but will confirm in the next few weeks on our hospital tour} of the nurses and their certification… FREE ois always something I look for now that we are buying for 3 🙂

    Thanks again!

  5. I have 2 kids…and never went for any class for’s good to go but trust me… it would really get you 100% ready for what going to happened in the labor room. I have few friends who were pregnant at the same times with me during my 1st time, I never ask them the actual scenario of the labor room…The only thing I do is…believe in myself…and I keep reminding myself that if all the mom around me can go through, can I! I do some reading about it though…What you need is to have 100% confident in yourself…that’s what make your 100% ready for the time to come…the labor..the breastfeeding..handling the baby….etc. Love, PC ( I survive 2 normal labor without pain killer…so can you! )

  6. Thank You Meijo’s Joy!

    I am with you on this one… if you are 100% ready in your heart, mind and soul than everything else will just fall into place.
    I believe in myself – and even more so now with all you Mama’s and your comments.



  7. We didn’t take a class because I felt that I’d be more impatient with the nervous ones who attended the class with me, therefore, not getting what I wanted out of the class. I’m glad there are classes for those women out there that do freak out and need the reassurance but I wasn’t scared of childbirth so I didn’t think I’d be best suited for the class. I can understand where the nervousness comes from but it wouldn’t be fair to them to have me there all moody 😉

    One thing I was “maybe I do need a class” over was the breathing…but I looked it up online and well once you’re in that room it’s all a blur anyway. Robin and I were in the care of a midwife which also helped as it’s one on one care and not a bunch of different nurses (depending on how long the labour is).
    If you’re ready and not freaking out about pushing this child out you’ll be just fine! I did it drug free and hard labour was only 2 hours…no tearing, no stiches. The nurses will also tell Sammy how to “be more helpful”.

    As for breastfeeding…the nurses will gladly help. Mostly because a lot of women opt not to nowadays (apparently they are rich and like to spend money on formula) and if you want the help they will give it! Again, we had midwives that came to our house after Annabelle was born so any questions I had I got.
    BC Women’s has classes –
    Also, go to your (or contact) your local Public Health office as they will have tons of info for you. I know I have brochures at home that I can look up numbers for you.

    PS: The Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy gave me a good laugh and also some perspective on childbirth.

  8. Thanks Lara!!!
    I was going to go the MidWife Route however the one that I met with was not “my cup of tea”. I could have done more researched and looked into another option however I wanted to get into someone’s care ASAP.

    I have complete confidents in myself that I will be able to go through labor… and I don’t think I need the 80’s video to show me what its all about. I can freak myself myself if I wanted to – even in the comfort at my own home 🙂 THANKS NOT FOR ME. I know its all mind over matter and this is how I plan to attack it. Get in, Get out and do it as healthy and as QUIET as I can.

    Thanks so much for all your suggestions… I sure hope my labor is as fab as yours!


  9. What a sweet and darling and adorable blog you have! I love it so much! So happy you found me and I’m thrilled to be following you!

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