Toot Your Own Horn

Stumbled across this Fabulous Facebook Site, called Toot Your Own Horn, and I just had to share it with everyone who follows Little Miss Mama. The name literally speaks for itself, its a Facebook Fan Page made by Randomosity which allows you to promote your Blog or Website at the same time finding out about and supporting others like yourself. I’m a little sad it has taken me until now to find her, but grateful that I have now.  

I seriously just found out about this Fan Page today and I have learned how to create a Fan Welcome Page for free, how to claim my Fan Page User Name,  how to make some extra money on my Blog, and of course I have learnt about a billion other blogger and websites that I never even knew existed. 

Its no doubt worth you time to check out. 



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  1. hey there! thanks for saying hello on my blog the other day. glad to have connected with you 🙂 my due date is actually sept 4, just a few days before you. i imagine you calculated the 7th from my little baby counter on my site – basically my due date got changed and i never updated my counter 🙂 anyway, enjoy these last few weeks and i’ll surely be checking in for updates from you!

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