TRAVEL: 5 DIY’s for travelling with kids


So you’re about to embark on a journey. A dangerous adventure one might call you crazy for doing! Travelling with a toddler. More danger is involved in this trip than an entire bond film. Don’t believe me, I dare you to travel, toddler in tow, with no real plans set out. I dare you!

For those of you that would rather a smooth travel experience, here are my 5 favorite DIY Travel Games and Necessities while travelling with kids:

1. Magnetic Me Silly Faces {source: Creative Juice}
2. Magnetic Boardgames {source: Thrive.}
3. Bingo Pop {source: Apartment Therapy}
4. I Spy Bottle {source: Hello Bee}
5. Personal Pillows {source: Amazing Mae}

You’d better believe I’ll be getting a start on all these incredible DIY’s before it’s too late. First on the list, an I Spy Bottle.


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  1. Super cute! I LOVE the I Spy bottle!

  2. Great functional ideas!

  3. I like the pillow with the pocket.

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