TRAVEL: 6 Things You Must Do In Harrison Hot Springs


Our annual trip to Harrison Hot Springs has sadly come to a close and the only reason why I feel okay with that, is upon check-out we secured our next trip back. If you’ve been creeping along on Instagram, fabulous, if you’ve not, you must be having a busy week. I get it, it happens, and this is why I am coming at with you 6 of the absolute MUST DO things in Harrison Hot Springs the next (or first time) you visit. Of course after you finish reading this, head over to Instagram and check out all the trouble we got into over the last 3 days on our family vacation (#TheCiullasDoHarrison). And because I love you, I spared you the details on the trip to the Chilliwack Hospital, you’re welcome!

41. STAY AT Harrison Hot Springs Resort
If you’re laying your head down at night in Harrison Hot Springs then pick no other than the only place there that has 4 hot springs pools. Right? Seems like the logical choice, but honestly the resort has far more to offer than just that. We’ve stayed both in the hotel and in their cottages on the resort and they’re both golden. If you can get your hands on a cottage reservation I would highly recommend it. They’ve just been renovated and they’re amazing, perfect for families as they have a separate bedroom and pullout, including a parking spot in front of each unit, a patio with table and chairs and what feels like your own little backyard that looks onto the Hot Springs. And yes, the place is as magical as I am making it sound, I promise.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort
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12. EAT AT The Hungry Chef Eatery
Obviously if you’re staying the night, you’re going to need a place to eat for either lunch or dinner; we’ve tested the waters for both meals and I’m telling you this place is one of our favorites. Family owned and run, they make all their own baked goods on the premise and you can taste it. With tons of Gluten-Free options that Sammy and I lived on including Burgers, Pasta’s and Sandwiches, I still think what won us over was the little play area they had setup for kids in the restaurant. The Hungry Chef won over our hearts and distracted our kids perfectly, as John Catucci would say “you ‘gotta eat here!” (Check out the play area here, they thought of everything)

The Hungry Chef Eatery
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63. VISIT Bridal Falls Waterpark
On your way into Harrison Hot Springs, make a pit-stop and start off your vacation with a bang. We visited Bridal Falls Waterpark on the way in and did it ever make the start of our trip more than just 4 Daniel Tiger episodes good. As most resorts have, our check-in wasn’t until 4pm so we knew we had some time to kill if we wanted to start our little family vacation early in the day. We made it to the waterslides just after they opened at 10am, and stayed until 3pm. The park is geared towards families and in my eyes young families. It was far less busy than most waterparks are on weekends, tons of tents and picnic tables, and had a great little baby/toddler/child area with slides, rides and heated shallow pools.

Bridal Falls Waterpark
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34. SIT WITH the Sasquatch
The little guy is far from frightening, not at all the way he’s portrayed on TV; poor guy has a bad wrap for nothing. He sits quietly waiting for company within the Harrison Village Mall, right on Esplanade. Sit down, get cozy and take a picture. You’ll wan’t to then declare this a “must take photo” every time you visit Harrison Hot Springs like we’ve done. We’re two for two since starting our annual trip to Harrison last year and looking back at both images makes me not only love the little Sasquatch even more but reminds me of all the fun we had there creating memories. (You just gotta’ take a peek at last years photo here, priceless!)

Tourism Harrison
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25. PEDDLE WITH Jamie’s Quadricycle Rentals
Not sure what we did more, laughing or peddling but what I can say is Sofia has decided her current bike situation at home just doesn’t cut it anymore. Yeah! That’s exactly what our neighborhood is missing, that crazy family who rides their Model T 2-seater bike around the block, post dinner. Taking up far too much of the road while honking a clown horn to the beat of happy birthday, that’s exactly what we need in our hood. It may not go over well with our neighbors but let me tell you the locals in Harrison sure get a kick out of it. While Sofia took the job of official honker, Sammy and I peddled our lunches off and decided on a deserving dessert after all this was over. A must do when you’re visiting Harrison. (Need video proof of how much fun we had?)

Jamie’s Quadricycle Rentals
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56. SWIM IN the Hot Springs
Again, it seems like the logical thing to do since it’s sorta’ in the name of the city, but I’m telling you if you visit Harrison Hot Springs and miss actually swimming in the springs itself, you’re just not doing your vacation any justice. It’s beyond relaxing, it’s known to relieve many bone and joint ailments and it maybe the only time you will get to share what feels like the best bath of your life with not only your entire family, but perfect strangers from around the world. If that isn’t inciting enough then maybe this will help; out of the 3 days we were there, we spent them all in the Hot Springs for at least 3 hours each day. (If you can, check out the Hot Springs at night too, it’s sorta’ something magical)




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