TRAVEL: Disney Bound


76 days
1,824 hours
109,440 minutes

However you look at it, this is the amount of time that needs to pass until we can wake up and accessorize with mouse ears. YOU GUYS we booked our flights and we are headed to Disneyland in May. Can you guys believe it? This will Sofia’s first ever trip, and Sammy and mines first trip back in over 20 years {saying that hurt just a little #feelingold}. My Disney friends have been dishing the best tips, and I’ve been taking notes like a champ. One of which has been to Disneyland 18 times in her life, while the other was a finalist on the Disney panel. These are the real deal mickey people, I’m telling you. Something tell me we’re in good hands…


STAY TUNED because as we book parts of our trip, I will be sharing them here! I would hate to think that you’ve missed the inside scoop; honestly I would.

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