TRAVEL: Great Wolf Lodge, Here We Come!


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We’ve been planning this trip to Great Wolf Lodge in our minds, Sammy and I (hello kids at heart), for let’s just say too many years. It’s been one of those vacations that we knew we had to wait until Sofia was a little bit older to fully enjoy, but we’ve been dreaming about for quite sometime. We finally put the brakes on our dreams and made it a reality, leaving in just a few short weeks. 

a deal we could not refuse is what had us planning our first family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge. They were running a promotion on their website for $99US a night for dates running through April, May and into the beginning of June. 

I believe prices normally start at about $200 a night and can run the upwards of $400+ a night for a family suite, so you can imagine we jumped at the opportunity faster than you can say “where’s the credit card“. We called up all our friends we knew would be interested and put the pressure on, it’s now or never friends, let’s do this! We will be heading to Grand Mound Washington in 2 short weeks with 3 other families ready to spend our days and nights in our bathing suits (which I am totally okay with, see why here). 

We did make a few upgrades to our stay (because of course), including the Pup Pass at an additional $40 which gave Sofia a bunch of fun upgrades during out stay (a creation station animal, a color-your-own tee or pillow case at the Cub Club, a candy cup from the Buckhorne Exchange Gift Shop, an Ice Cream Cone at the Bear Paw Sweets & Eats, a $5 credit at the Arcade and a Clubhouse Crew Adventure). Throughout our stay I’m most certain she will use all these fun upgrades and more and we will be quite thankful we paid for them at a discount in advance as I believe it was a savings of over $30. The other addition to our stay was the Wolf Wake-Up Breakfast which was $30 and includes breakfast each morning during out stay. The final and probably most exciting addition we included in our stay with Great Wolf Lodge was the rental of a Cabana. For an additional $99 we rented a Cool Cabana that gave us a private place to rest, recharge and relax while at the waterpark. These Cabanas are stocked with beverages, towels, seating and even a TV; we have no doubt this will be thoroughly enjoyed not only by the parents but the kids.

We are counting down the days, literally (because it’s what we do) and we all can’t wait! As always I promise to come back and share all about our stay, what we loved and what we didn’t (if anything). Join along in our stay via Instagram with the Hashtag #TheCiullasDoGreatWolfLodge and get a play-by-play during out stay!


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