TRAVEL: Harrison Hot Springs, Here We Come!


We’re going to pay the Sasquatch another visit!

Oddly enough we went to Harrison Hot Springs this exact time last year. After booking our trip I realized it was the exact same dates as we went in 2014. How’s that for planning? Last years travels plans were with 4 of our favorite little families, but this year only 2 can make it while 3 others will be coming in for a day of fun at the Waterslides. It won’t be the same without them at the resort, but I’ll take what I can get!

We’re not steering too far from how we did it last year, only because it was a great success (and we’re not ones to mess with a good thing). We will drive up early in the morning to make a pit-stop at the Waterslides until we know for certain we can get into the resort (working a 4pm check-in like a boss). We spend the day having fun at Bridal Falls Waterpark, or in other words, totally and completely tiring the kids out so we get to enjoy a relaxing early evening with adults.  Next we find a place to feed our face holes and then head to Harrison Hot Springs Resort and set up shop for the week. The next 3 days will be all about swimming in the springs, throwing rocks in the Lake, walking the streets of Harrison finding places to fill our tummies, and of course stopping at every playground along the way. Real family fun.

We leave this Sunday, stay through my birthday, and head home by the end of the week. Come tag along on our vacation (via instagram with the hashtag #TheCiullasDoHarrison), because that’s totally not creepy or anything. I’ll be sure to share our favorite things to see, do and of course eat; because that’s really what a vacation is all about. Food…. and family, yah right, and family!



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