TRAVEL: Here we come Disneyland!

Spent yesterday running errands, like buying eggs and milk for our fridge for when we get home, the last few loads of laundry, and even picking up some travel sized perfume bottles (shoppers perfume counter for the win). I spent the afternoon bringing all the bags from there matching bedrooms into the living room leaving lids wide open. I then began to stuff my overload into any possible real estate there was between the luggage and zipped them shut.


I compiled and completed our online grocery order with VONS and scheduled it for delivery this evening. I jamberried my nails (that’s totally a word right?) and even got a few minutes to put my feet my as I downloaded some movies onto Sofia’s tablet for the flight. I sorted out our paperwork, from itineraries, to boarding passes, rental agreements, and some coupons I stumbled across online (how could I pass up 20% off at Rainforest Cafe?).

I put a very excited little girl to bed, but not before reading Cinderlla; because is their a more perfect moment than last night?

Currently, the mood is unexplainable, nuts even, probably more than it has to be as I find myself sitting here typing this out. We woke up far before the norm in this house, including Sofia, we are currently loading the car (Sammy, you like how I used we here?) and headed to my parents house where we will travel like the Griswolds. We are so ready to shake the hands of Mickey the Mouse, so before I really start getting on the nerves of a few in this house, I best say my goodbyes and get this show on the road.

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