TRAVEL: Our Disney Trip Update {purchases}


Half the fun of planning a vacation is searching out and purchasing new things for the trip. You know what I’m talking about, from new clothing to shoes and gimmicky gadgets… it’s what I’m all about, SHOPPING! I have increased our luggage with a bunch of things that I just had to share with you, because what or who would I be if I didn’t share them with you?

So here you have the 3 most recent additions to our luggage:


LesTrucsDeFloTravelPillowLES TRUCS DE FLO Travel Pillow //Retails $29.33
I love everything about travelling comfortably, and this is why I was on the hunt for the perfect travel pillow for the whole fam-damily. Something functional, easy to pack, and of course totally chic. Stumbled across an etsy shop called Les Trucs De Flo, where I found these rather adorable and totally handy travel pillows. They check off all the boxes of what I was looking for including being totally affordable. The pillows can latch onto a suit case, carry on, purse, even a child for that matter. It was important that I found one that when not in use, they were not a total headache. Since it makes sleeping on-the-go not only doable but enjoyable, I decided to jump on the Les Trucs De Flo bandwagon and take a ride. Not regretting it! pinterest/instagram




pintradelDISNEYLAND Trading Pins //Retails $5+
Pin trading became highly recommended by three friends of mine, two of which pretty much live part-time at the park so I took this suggestion very seriously. I hunted down a place I could pre-buy pins as I heard they were very costly in the park, found a lady online who sells them in lot’ments. Selling them in cases of 25 pins with no duplicates, I was not after her standard lot’ment. I made a special request to ensure they were not all different, I feared that Sofia would have a hard time giving them away if they were all ones she didn’t have, so instead I asked Debra to give me 5 sets of 5 character. She gladly obliged and we wait for them in the mail now. Really quite excited about this, I think Sofia is going to have a blast while trucking through the park finding traders and upgrading her lanyard.



hisOpalBathingSuitBATHING SUIT by hisOpal //Retails $89+
Like any other woman, I like options. It’s no different when it comes to packing our bags for a vacation, many outfit options, shoe options, accessory options, and bathing suit options; my excuse “who knows how I will feel each day, I need options!”. After researching and hunting down another bathing suit option to add to the current mix, I find one that will actually remove all the rest from the bag, making more room for… well you know, more clothing. I thought it was too good to be true, how could one bathing suit be so many; and then I watched the video. SOLD. None the less I have a black on black version coming to my door any day now.




DON’T FORGET to follow along in our travels via social media, #TheCiullasDoDisneyland. I will be posting pictures now and into our trip, live. If you’re looking for travel inspiration check out our other posts here and check out our hashtag via instagram #TheCiullasDoWhistler and #TheCiullasDoHarrison.


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  1. That bathing suit is bananas!

    • Tairalyn says:

      Amazing right? It arrived and it’s even BETTER than ever. I highly recommend you get one. FOR REALS! Stay tuned on social media for how many ways I end up styling it 🙂 xxoo

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