TRAVEL: Seattle, here we come!


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I’m 32 years old, lived in Vancouver my whole life and never have I been to Seattle, our super chill american neighbors. Crazy right? I mean I’ve been across the line, but I go as far as I need, Trader Joe’s, Target and the outlets, never to Seattle. It’s a terrible shame really, but that all changes next month, as we’re headed to Seattle for a little family vacation! 

This trip has been a long time in the making, Sammy has been trying to plan a trip to Seattle for Sofia and I the past 2 years, things were just not coming together. It wasn’t until this weekend that the stars aligned, well sorta’, Sammy nailed down a weekend that worked for everyone’s schedules and found one of our favorite hotels with availability, and so things steam-rolled ahead and we are officially headed on a little road trip to Seattle next month.

Considering how horrible our dollar is right now, the worst it’s been in 8 years, I can’t say this was the perfect of times to go, but really when is? I like to think “now” is always the right time to do something you’ve wanted to do for a while, right?

We’re booked in at Hampton Inn & Suites in Lynnwood, one of our favorite affordable hotel chains. It’s just outside of Seattle but offers us a superior room, free parking, free breakfast and evening reception everyday (including beer, wine and snacks) and a pool open 24 hours. How I like to see it is the more money we save on our accommodations, the less guilty I feel buying “all the things” during our stay there. What I like best at Hampton Inn & Suites alongside their ridiculously comfortable beds (a rarity in hotels) is the distance to Alderwood Mall and Nordstrom Rack, we’re talking walking distance people. April can’t come soon enough, maybe a cloest purge is in order before then? 

Our main goal, and reason for trip is to take Sofia to the Woodland Park Zoo, we also plan on going to the Children’s Musuem, and a visit to Pike Place Market. But ever since somewhat announcing the trip on social media we’ve been flooded with a ton of awesome recommendations from all of you. We’re hoping there is enough time and that we have enough energy to hit each and everyone of them while we’re there, we’ve made notes of them all (Cheesecake Factory, the original Starbucks, Bacco Cafe, a kid-friendly wine bar called Purple Wine Bar, the Space Needle, the Ferris Wheel, the Monorail, the Crab Shack and Ride the Ducks).

As I do with all our vacation, be sure to check back next month for all the details on our little family-vaca to Seattle! As always I’ll dish out all the details on the accommodations, the shopping, the eats and of course how we found ourselves spending the days there. As always you can follow along via Instagram (with the hashtag #TheCiullasDoSeattle) and pretend you’re there with us, but best of all avoiding the horrible exchange rate. Annnnnd you’re welcome! 


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