TRAVEL: #TheCiullasDoHarrison

A little picture-heavy sneak peek into our family vacation in Harrison Hot Springs. It’s our 2nd annual trip, with our 3rd already securely booked on our way out this past Wednesday. Harrison just feels right for us, and now that we’ve discovered that Harrison Hot Springs Resort also has cottages I think the locals will see us more than just once a year. I’m dying to dip my toes into the springs with nothing but snow around us. HELLO CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!

IMG_1690 IMG_1602 IMG_1629 IMG_1644 IMG_1673 IMG_1666 IMG_1599 IMG_1568 IMG_1555 IMG_1535

If you missed it, yesterday we posted 6 things you must do in Harrison Hot Springs, make sure you keep this in your back pocket the next trip you plan into the quaint little city. And; if you wanna see some more shots from our trip, including a toddler who cracks the whip on her parents bike peddling skills check us out on Instagram.


If you ever have any questions about the places we’ve visited please don’t hesitate to reach out to us; I promise I’m totally human, I would be happy to help. And of course if you wanna see and relive all the places we have traveled to recently hit up Instagram and check it out, #TheCiullasDoHarrison, #TheCiuallsDoDisneyland #TheCiullasDoWhistler and coming up next #TheCiullasGoRVing (think the Griswolds meet the Fockers set on wheels, it’s going to be epic).


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