Trend: Peplum

Trend: Peplum

The Peplum trend is one I will adopt with grace. Absolutely perfect for so many body shapes, the Peplum trend will give you hips if you so desire, also smooth out and hiding those who have enough. A classy trend that had my heart at hello. Will you be fashioning the Peplum trend? If so, how…a Dress, Jacket, Shirt… Do tell!


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  1. I just might cave in and give into this trend! so chic!


  2. I really love how well you put together your fashion boards. The colors with the roses behind are so pretty. Love the navy, neat design.

  3. Very cute trend.

    <3 Marina

  4. Wow the dresses you’ve picked out are GORGEOUS! I would love to have any of them. Can’t wait to see you wearing peplum sometime soon! It will look so good on you!


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