Trends to try in 2013…

peaked cap // XXL pants // sneakers // monochrome // peplum // wide-brimmed hat // pointy heels // mini cross-body

So LOULOU Magazine says that we have 8 trends that we all must try in 2013. Although I am not one for listening to others who tell me I must do something, I am willing to forgive LOULOU for being so damn demanding, and give a few of these trends a try. 

I do quite fancy most all of these trends… other than one in particular. I do not fore-see myself budging on this detestation, and I can even go as far as saying “I promise you, my love for the sneakers trend will never flourish”.  Wearing sneakers with anything but yoga pants, track pants or running shorts is just not right. Reminds me of a woman who carries her pumps in her purse, while she take transit to work. Seriously are your heels that uncomfortable? Or do you plan on jogging to work in that skirt? 

What I can say lovelies, is I will be happy to adopt and take inspiration from 7 of the 8 must try trends, as per LOULOU Magazine. But what I want to know is, will you be as open-armed as I am?

*images taken from the LouLou Magazine website


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