UPDATE: Basement Renovations

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The big artillery has arrived, the noise levels have tripled and the dust accumulates. Apparently the rough part is over. For the past 14 days our house has been under complete renovation mode. Our entire basement seems as though it’s been removed and new layouts are being designed. As much as I loved the wood paneling walls the 80’s called and thy wanted them back and I wasn’t willing to put up much of a fight.  Our basement is going from a broken up bunch of rooms that held our over-flow, where we did our laundry and where the cat does his business is now going to be livable. Being re-conformed into a proper mudd room/laundry room, a den, a media room, a guest suite and bathroom. Our lives will feel so much more complete once this is all said and done. We can finally have real movie nights, we can finally have family and friends over to stay the night and I can finally feel comfortable with putting dirty laundry on the floor of my laundry room. Yes folks, these 3 things will make me feel complete!

If I could only make it through the next 30 days, I will get the greatest payoff. WISH ME LUCK!



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  1. The munchin is so cute, would love to see the finished basement.

    • I love comments like these… not just because they’re so kind but because you have taken me back to an old post I have forgotten about and I get to remember my baby girl so little. She turns 6 next month and this was fun to go back and look at… SO THANK YOU!

      You know I did not give an actually update/tour of the reno. I really should shouldn’t I? I’ll add it to the list 🙂



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