Vancouver Fashion Week… Let the fun begin!

Today is the day we fashionista’s have all be dreaming about. Vancouver Fashion Week begins tonight…. with its concluding events happening Sunday. That’s 6 lovely evenings of everything Fashion, It’s like a pre-christmas gift to me, straight from the fashion gods. Brilliant! Live streaming will be available on Little Miss Mama all week long. So tune in each and everyday for the details.

As for the actual festivities, this will be my first year attending Vancouver Fashion Week, I am beyond honored to have been invited. I have chosen very specifically in what days I will attend, cover and bring back to you all. Basing my decision on the designers, the events and of course my life as a mother. I will be going Thursday the 20th and then again on Saturday, the 22nd, taking as much as I can from the experience, soaking up trends and dreaming up ways I can work into my current fall and winter wardrobe. So very exciting really!

Still pondering over my outfit choices… if you missed them – here they are {here, here and here}. Chances are I’ll end up with nothing of the sort. I’m a very last minute outfit chooser, if their is such a title to be awarded.  

Will you be attending Vancouver Fashion Week? If so let’s connect, I would love to meet all you local lovelies, leave me a message on my Facebook Fan Page and I will be my very bestest to find you in the crowds…. giving you a nice juicy…. hello! 
For those that are not in Vancouver, will you be attending any of the worldwide Fashion Weeks, if so, where and when. I wanna hear all about it. 


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  1. Have a wonderful time. Can’t wait to read all about it.


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