Vancouver Fashion Week Outfit

Vancouver Fashion Week?!
I’m ready for all that you have coming my way, and I couldn’t be more excited!

You know how they say the small things in life are what leave the best memories, well although I agree with this statement for the most of times, it’s moments in my life like these that make me beg to differ. I attended Vancouver Fashion Week for my first time last September. Fall/Winter Fashion Week was amazing, and I can only imagine what Spring will bring, with graceful flowing fabrics, brilliant colors and of course chic feminine silhouettes. 
As a mother of a toddler I can’t frolic about, hob-knobbing each night with all the fabulous designers, fashion driven men and woman, hoping from the runway to the after parties. However what I can do is spend one night in fashion heaven, so choose wisely I say. CHOOSE. WISELY. I will be attending Friday’s shows, sitting pretty along the runway, with my girl by my side {just like last year here, and here}, once again enjoying the experience of a lifetime. 

Who else is going Friday? Let’s connect!

PS: one of these days I hope to be writing a similar post, however all about my outfits for Paris Fashion Week, followed by New York Fashion Week. 
PPS: a girl can dream can’t she?


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  1. In love with the whole ensemble!! Perfection!

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