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I got a really amazing invite last week, an invite to a Mommy and Babe Bootcamp hosted by not only Best Buy Canada but Tommy Europe. THE Tommy Europe, Canadian celebrity, pro football player, fitness coach and genius — How cool is that? Naturally I accepted, because we all know now and then a little kick-in-the-pants is just what we need and it couldn’t have come at a better time {as I read the invite I was actually eating the other half of Sofia’s kinder egg} .

I arrived to Fit in 30 minutes  on West 8th and was totally taken back, had no idea they were even there. Probably too busy eating Sofia’s leftovers to notice. However they are totally rad and more than equipped to tackle anyone’s fitness dreams. focusing on weight loss, core stability, functional strength, last 10 pounds, assessments and lifestyle consulting. Greeted by the Best Buy crew and Mr. Europe himself I was pretty excited to get started. The room was decked out in new gear all screaming to be used and damn-it I couldn’t wait to start. Sofia played shy at first, as she always does before laying it on thick, eventually she was hanging off my back creating more resistance, cheering me on from the side-line “way to go mommy – good job” and using her own mat and stepper to show off her jumping skills. Overall we both got what we came for, to sweat-it-out and blow off our sugar rush. #winwin

Tommy Europe fed us all very valuable information about working out now as a mother, its actually quite different than what you may think. Not only do we have new adorable sidekicks, but now high-intensity isn’t where it at and the way we go about a work out routine is quite important avoiding some moves we all used to all do. HEY! Did you know that the worst thing you could do for your post-baby-body is a crunch, or anything for that matter in the form of a sit-up. WHO KNEW! Tommy had a wealth of knowledge and I was there to SUCK IT ALL UP! We got to use so many fun and actually very affordable at-home work out pieces all from VIVA Best Buy. The Everlast Aerobic Step, the Everlast Plank + Ab Station {which btw makes many floor exercises actually enjoyable — had no idea I could hold a side plank for so long},  the Everlast Quick Adjust Resistance Band, the PurAthletics Push-up Bars and the uber comfortable Zenzation Athletics Premium Yoga Mat. Crazy the difference a few key pieces will make in your life. Not to say that going to the gym isn’t fabulous {the alone time in-itself sounds heavenly}, but now that I’m fully equipped, I sorta feel like I can tackle this on my own, at a pace I can handle, sweating like a pig in the comfort of my own home.

At the end of the bootcamp Best Buy was there to answer any digital health questions we may have had lingering. They had a bunch of fun pieces there for us to see, test out, and even take home. The iBitz, UP by Jawbone, Misfit Shine, Fitbit Flex, Fitbit Zip and even the Pebble Smartwatch. It was seriously a digital health haven, as I am still unsure which I would like to grace my wrist, I’m going to continue my research online and make my purchase at the new VIVA Best Buy website this weekend.

Overall the afternoon was a complete success! So happy for the invite and the new added knowledge I now have about working out as a mama. Who know’s, now maybe since Tommy and I are BFF’s he may accept a request to be featured on our site, giving tips for mom’s who want to work out at home. What do you think?

Happy Valentine’s Day — it’s a good thing I worked out, as I am almost certain I will be over indulging today!



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  1. I love my Fitbit Flex! The away time at the gym does sound heavenly but I could never get my schedule to work with it. Anything to be done at home is a major plus.

    PS. Those with Airmiles…you may still be able to get the flex with your points. That’s what I did!

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