Vlog001 (this is not a test)

WE DID IT. We finally took the jump, recorded and posted our first vlog and you can watch it hereYOU GUYS we did it!

…PSSSSST this is when you chime in and tell me how proud you are of me!

It’s not perfect, it’s not how I imagined our FIRST vlog going, but I couldn’t continue to wait any longer. Life was happening and moments I wan’t to capture were passing me by. No more waiting for the perfect time; a better camera will come, better audio will follow, getting better at using the editing software comes with time, I’ll learn to always shoot horizontally and better lighting should be on the way when Spring decides to stop dragging it’s feet… all things will get better, but I needed to start somewhere so to not miss the next adorably-obnoxious thing coming out of this kids mouth. ((so bear with me, and be kind))

The start of another amazing journey for me and my family! 


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