Vogue’s September Issue…

Once the ‘September Issue’ hits the news stands, you can find me breathing in and out of a brown paper bag. A overage of excitement flows through me and I get a feeling of being ‘out of loop‘ until I get my hands on a copy. 6am just doesn’t seem to be earlier enough for stores to open so that I can get my hands on Vogue’s anticipated Issue. This year Lady Gaga graces the cover and with opinions being split 50/50, you can find me on the ‘absolutely in love with’ side of the spectrum. She is gorgeous in every sense of the word. Great choice Vogue…. Brilliant choice! 

Why is this such a big day for me you ask. I take my future fashion inspiration from these issues, guiding me in what to scope out for the next shopping trip Sofia Marie and I venture out on. Here is what I gathered from Vogue’s September Issue: 

1. Leopard is still hot for Fall and Winter 2012
2. Tom Ford is one beautiful specimen
3. Color Blocking will continue to soar into the rest of 2012

1. Biker boots will continue to grace out feet, giving ensembles a sexy and rough twist.
2. Cutout Lace gives class and elegance all while staying chic.
3. Earth Tones, Tweed, Quilted Jackets and Elbow Patches are not only cozy looking but on point for Fall and Winter 2012.

1. Lacquered Pants are a perfect way to add shine and edge to an outfit
2. Vera Wang makes a mean Dress…. so stunning!
3. Targets colab with Kirna Zabete has reminded me I need tights with Leather Accents.

1. Sparkles, Leather, Doctors Bags and Gloves are all a go for Fall and Winter 2012.
2. J. Crew makes a gorgeous Leopard heel.
3. Mulberry not only makes a stunning bag, but magically brilliant ad’s.

1. Marc Jacobs possibly looks better in a skirt than I do. Sad Story.
2. Kate Spade says Polka Dots and Peter Pan collars are here to stay.
3. Jennifer Hudson started a line of clothing with QVC

1. Versace put out a gorgeous quilted clutch…. that I must re-create afford-ably.
2. Bold Prints mixed with a loud pattern are okay in my books for the rest of 2012. 
3. Peplum is chic and here to stay. 

1. Colored hair is the ‘it‘ thing to do to add a little spunk to your entire look…. if you dare.
2. Alexander McQueen is God. 


For the fast approaching Fall and Winter Seasons ahead of us, you will find me wearing bold prints, polka dot patterns and embellished collars. My arms will dangle with Doctors Totes,  while my waist will look tiny in the Peplum trend. I will add sparkle to my look, and my hands will be graced with gloves, all while adding some edge to my ensembles with biker inspired boots. 

Oh how I love fashion for the chilly and cozy seasons ahead of us.  
Tell me lovelies…. What did you get from Vogue’s September Issue? Anything that I missed? What was your favorite ad, who pushed the envelope, who went too far? Do tell!

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  1. I just picked up the new Vogue, but I haven’t had time to read it yet. Not usually a Vogue girl, more like an InStyle, but I thought hey I’ll give it a try. Love that booties are so in. Just purchase a motorcycle pair this weekend and I love them. Enjoy your magazine.



    • You’re going to love it! I hope you get the time soon to check it out… while holding a glass of wine of course! Take your time, you deserve it and so does vogue 🙂


  2. I had a chance to read it yesterday and Vogue did not disappoint. I was very impressed. Loved all the ads and the articles were great. I’ll have to have a 2nd look with glass of wine next time.
    By the way I also live in the lower mainland. I’m glad I discovered your blog. Great outfit you’re wearing yesterday.



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