FAMILY: We’ve Quit Cartoons


Paw Patrol? Nah!
The Wiggles? No Thanks!
Strawberry Shortcake? No-No!
Napkin Man? Nope!
Ninja Turtles? Mum! Come’on!

These are the things I ask each morning as we prep a breakfast that needs inhaling (it’s our first year of Kindergarten, we still need to nail down our morning routine). Judge away ladies! JUDGE AWAY, yes I let my child watch TV while she eats Breakfast; but let me explain! While she actually eats over a mild distraction starting our morning off on the right foot, I get hot tea in my face-hole. Like I said… WINNING! 

Cartoons used to be the morning show of choice, like any family with kids under 5, we obsessed over the newest Paw Patrol addition, the most recent episode of Doc McStuffin finding out if they would adopt a girl or boy into their family, and yes I will admit we counted down the days until we got to see Daniel Tigers new baby sister. We LOVED our Cartoons, and yes I said we, I don’t mind watching mindless animation with irritating catch phrases (my favorite being from Blaze and the Monster Machines! — I’ll just leave this right here). But we’ve recently quite cartoons and things have changed around here when the TV goes on. You see over the last few months we actually are not watching much of any Cartoons, I can’t say I remember the last one we watched to be honest. 

You guys! We’re YouTube obsessed!

tumblr_nyg6eybpzf1si9njyo1_1280We started out (and thankfully have graduated from) those irritating mysterious hand videos, you know what I’m talking about… those people who make 10x more than you’ll ever make unwrapping Kinder Surprise Eggs. But now… now we’re at a place I thoroughly enjoy, a show that we actually sit down to as a family and get lost in. Lifestyle YouTubers Bryan and MissyDaily Bumps. It’s no news this family likes their reality TV, but when it’s real REAL life it’s just better. A young family with 2 kids, a dog, a cat and even some chickens, they film their lives every. single. day. and share it for all to see. 

I love their channel and envy their video editing talents! Both extremely talented people they deserve all their fame and fortune and I will gladly give them 30-minutes of my time each and every morning. GLADLY!

This family has officially quit cartoons and I couldn’t be happier!


HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING if I was thinking about vlogging like this, our lives once a week (gimmi at least 6-months to hammer out the editing skills part) would you come around to watch it every Sunday? Would you, honestly? I’d love to know, comment here or on social media, anyway that I will see it as I’m very interested to learn if we would have an audience other than my mother and bestie. 



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