Weight Loss Update :: Day 36


Seeing is believing they say, and if you can’t see it let me explain. It’s my time to easily snap, to cry over spilt milk, and to over analyze every situation. You guessed it, I’M BLOATED!

…good things comes to those who sweat.

This past weekend as some of you know I was on a mini-vacation with ‘la familia‘ in Whistler {here, here, here, and here}. I stuck faithfully with everything I was supposed to, alternating days with pure protein and protein and vegetables, including snacking on veggies on the road trip there {vs. the burger king the rest of the car was enjoying}. As I knew we were going to be dining out, I spoke with my naturopath about how strict I had to be with marinades and hidden sugars and she said “have a good time, don’t worry”. So with the two dinners out I ordered based on my diet and worried none of any hidden carbs in the marinades. Although I did feel a small morsel of guilt, the deciding factor for me would be if I gained by the end of the vacation {which I didn’t}. Today I’m sharing another two of my favorite recipes Lindsay and I have found and perfected, I’m telling you now these Butternut Squash Fries will change your life!

DukanSquashFries DukanThaiBeefSkewers

DIET UPDATE :: Met with Dr. Natalie and she is extremely happy with everything. Not only the numbers we see on the scale but the reports she gets from my body reads. Yesterday when I saw her, she explained that my body is slowly turning over and functioning better {burning fat from within, and not retaining water} based on the numbers she sees. She also busted me on not drinking as much water as I should be. 3 litres is a LOT OF WATER, also a lot of daily pee breaks. I did know this, and my intention was to pick up the pace this week, but I didn’t actually think she would bust me. Lesson learnt. No changes to the diet, we stay on the cruise phase until all our weight is dropped; just keeping up with the goji berries and increase fitness.

Dukan Coconut Cookies, and Dukan Chocolate Chip Cookies? Saw these online last week and have not stopped dreaming about them since. I seriously think about them at night while I count sheep. We must try them, they are on my “get in my belly” wish list, along with homemade Kale Chips and another round of our famous Cauliflower Pizza Crust.


WEIGH IN :: as of Monday I am down 20.1 lbs which means only 29.9 lbs to go. Once again I feel like I’ve yet to hit any road blocks or have a hiccup along the way. Fingers crossed we keep the movement going…

HASHTAG HANGOUT :: anyone joining us in the Dukan movement? If so don’t forget to tag your posts with #youcandukan Lindsay and I would love to keep track of your journey, rooting you along, giving you support along the way!


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