Weight Loss Update :: DAY 66


Day 66. Let’s talk about how it flew by, seriously, 66 days has passed and I haven’t stuffed my face hole with a big ‘ol bowl of rice? Seriously, do they make trophies for moments like these, because if they don’t they really should, and I deserve one! Although it’s difficult at times, to hold out on a late night craving, the reward is far sweeter. My health, my happiness, my smile.

The other day I walked past a mirror and actually told myself I was happy. Happy with how I looked at this very moment, and this my friends has not been like this, ever. I’ve always been displeased with something or another, always unhappy about one of my lumps or bumps. But this day was different, this day was a milestone for me, I finally grew to accept all of me as I am. A woman who deserves to be happy just as she is, at this very moment, seeing all her flaws more as perfect imperfection.

These days; these are good days!

DIET UPDATE :: No changes, still hanging out in the “Cruise Phase” of the diet, one day protein, the next day protein and vegetables. I really don’t mind it, and besides I usually always end the evening with a fat free chocolate pudding {made with skim milk} or a slice of cheesecake heaven. What can I say, I got it rough! This week however I did not see Dr. Natalie this week, I will see her next week and hopefully blow her socks off with a big ‘ol loss! 

WEIGH IN :: I have not weighed myself today, and believe I will wait until next week. I’ve had a tough few days mentally, just easily irritated and feeling defeated by the days end. I’m going to take my mind off the numbers on the scale and just give myself a break.

JOIN US :: Okay come’on, we’re on day 66, I know their are a few of you that are lingering on the idea of jumping onboard! What are you waiting for folks? Buy your books {here or here}, plan and pin your favorite recipes from our weight loss journey board {here}, menu plan your attack phase, ensure you visit shopdukandiet.ca {promocodes 15% off $100+ youcandukan15, or 5% off $50 youcandukan5}, and reach out to us letting us know you’re making a movement into health and happiness with us.

HASHTAG HANGOUT :: Don’t forget to tag your posts with #youcandukan, Lindsay and I would love to keep track of your journey, rooting for you along the way, giving you the support you need.


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  1. I can not get over how amazing you look! Hope I can get there one day!

    • Tairalyn says:

      HOPE you can get there one day? Are you kidding? Just checked out your blog and you’re already on your way there now. You look incredible my friend! 52 lbs lost and 24 lbs more to go?! We are both on the same path to success and happiness, I can feel it!
      Keep in touch, I wanna keep my eye on you 😉


  2. I’ve been following along and think your weightloss is absolutely amazing! Way to go for all the hard work you’ve put into it! Thanks for lniking up at the blog hop!

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